Superman (Theme)

John Williams 10 September 2020

o o t o o s o t
o o t o o s o t [of] [od] [od]
[ow] [ow] [t8] [ow] [ow] [st] [ow] [t8]
[ow] [ow] [t8] [ow] [ow] [st] [ow] [t8] [of] [od] [od]
sss [di][di][di] H hh

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About This Music Sheet

Superman (Theme) is a song by John Williams. Use your computer keyboard to play Superman (Theme) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Easy song and requires practice. The song Superman (Theme) is classified in the genre of Songs From Movies on Virtual Piano.


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    Level: 4
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    Jurassic Park Theme

    John Williams

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    Level: 8
    Length: 03:09
    Jurassic Park Theme (Expert)

    John Williams

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    Level: 3
    The Raiders March (Indiana Jones)

    John Williams

  • u| [tpe0]| | [rqea9]| [wr90]|s d [tse0]| u| |u| [tqpe]||a|s|p|s p f [yqed]|||[ywrf0]| [utje0]||k l|j x|l [tqieb]| |j| l k j [xute0]||l j [wurf0]| f|k|[utje0]|||e| [yq96]| |[u9750]| [8650]|i o [qi96]| e| |e| [yq97]||u|i|y|i y p [wo97]|||[wp860]| [qed96]||f g|d j|g [zq^E9]| |d| g f d [qje96]||g d [pe860]| p|f|[qed96]
    Level: 7
    Length: 01:06
    The Force (Star Wars)

    John Williams


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    Level: 7
    Length: 03:31
    Mitsuha Theme (Kimi no Na wa)


  • u s u a u p O i I
    o u t w r y T t|||
    Y y Y uoad S s p i y
    u y T y o P p O o|||
    oPdg f d S s p P sPp i y t o i o p|||
    J j H h ghgf d S d||
    G g f D S a s P p o u i o u ipsf d|||
    P d g j|h d D f D d S s P o O p s P O p i y Y u|||
    o s D d s P o p s D G g D d s P p s p P o Y t y i|||
    d|PoYy Y oPdg f D g Sd|p s|||
    Y||o|P [yd]|s [yd] I||
    T yips p P s OPOo I i y E w|||
    i e Eyip i y E o|s O| s p| t y|||
    t y Y i o Y y t i|||
    t Y o P p I i Y y|||
    h G g f DgDd s p P s P p o i Y y i p s P|||
    Y o P d sdsP o p s D h ghgD s d i p s P|||
    P p o IpsD p d|sdsPp o I y p I o p P s S d jHhG d P o|||
    O t o I i y E W w E y i Y|||
    y iYyYiIP S d g D P d S s a PsPoi Y y E t|||
    J H f h g|D s d s P p OPOi I o|||
    o OsDh g D d S s P O o i Y S s|||
    J H D a D a P O o|||
    u y Y e E T i O s D S u i s a o Y T t Y o P O|||
    s P p o I p s f d|||
    G p s D s S d P a|||
    s P p o I D s S d|||
    p a s d a|o p|||
    f s p o I p s f d|||
    d s u o a p|||
    t i u i o O P a s g H g s P O|o|||
    o P D S|||
    i O S s|||
    i oiui| i oOoiY iYyY| Y ioiYT YTtT| T YiYTt| EWw|||
    w E t T Et|w|||
    i|t|i t tiuY|E|Y E EYyT|W|T W WTWt|w|t w tYu

    Level: 2
    Length: 04:09
    Jazz Licks


  • 9 | u I | T y | uI I | p I | uI | r e | uI | T y | uI I yp I | u I | r e | y [up] | I | y y [ry]y | p | I | [wy] yy | p | I | y yy | [ey] u | I | y u | I | yp | I | y yyy p | I | yy y | [ry] p | I | yp | I | y I I I I oI u[ey] yyI | I IuIu I | yI IoIu y | yIp[ary] p Iuy [ry] y | u I uIuI uI IuIu I | yI I IoIu y | [ry] I p a dS p I uy | yp | I uy | p | I uy uI | I uIu y | a | p | a | p I a | d |a | poI p | y y | yp | I uy | y p | o | I I | y | y y | u | yI
    Level: 4
    Length: 01:45
    The A Team

    Ed Sheeran