Tanjiro Kamado’s Song (Demon Slayer) (Alternative)

Yuki Kajiura Go Shiina 10 November 2020

[zc]| [cb]| [xl]|||[zJ]|||P|||[ypg]| j| [tpf]|||[pidE]|||z|||gf[ypg]| j| [tpf]| ds[pidE]| g| [spjie]| Jj[ywPJ]| z| [yqpj]| hg[ohE0]| d| [uped]fj|S gf[pgd9]| jeyi[spf6]|[ut]|ds[id^P]| gqEy[sqjg]|[iP] [pi]Jj[wgdJ]| zyoP[jgd9]|[yie]|hg[whda]| dryo[jfed]| [upS]|cx[gc] f [db] p [xg] f d pzl[zg] f d p g f d pcx[gc] f [db] p [mg] f d pzm[zg] f d p g f d p [j^] g f p j g f p [i9]qey[p9]qey[u9]qey9qey[i^]qey[y^]qey[i^]qey[o^]qey[tpi4]8qe[t4]8qe[ti4]8qe48qe[t3] 80[e3] 80[t3] 80[ig3] [uf8]0[ig2]690qeyuiuyeq096^qEtyiPsdsPi[yoh]tEq[pj4]8qwetiopoitewq8[sl3]80et0etu|||[yie9]| y| [ie9]op [yqpie^]|[yi]|[yi]| y| [wtsohf8]|||[ml]|||[sl81]| [gc81][xf][gc92] 9 [yjeb] 9 [xf81] 8 [wt] [zd8][sl][zd^] ^ [qgcE] ^ [jb4] 4 [te] [JB4][jb][JB5] 5 [zyE] 5 [jb4] 4 [qe] [vh4][gc][vh3] 3 [zywdE] 3 [zxjb6] y [T6] u [ye^] qE[zyd] [zd] [zd^] [zqd]E[yxf] [gc] [sl6] qe[tsl] [vh][gc][92] eyiye [yE5] 9w[zdE]| [SL6] [zd0]e[xfT] [pj] [jb92] 9e[ypi]e9 [oYE81]| [tpY4]| [tie^] qE[zyd] [zd] [zd^] [zqd]E[yxf]E[qgc] [sl6] 0e[tsl] [vh][gc]9yeq96[gc4][vh2][jb5] [i5]o[p^9] [gc5][vh][jb6] [i6]o[p80] [gc6][vh][jb7] [i7]o[yrp] gh[j5] [zd] [xf] [gc] [jb5] 5 [ywE9] 5 [ywiE9] 5 [ywpE9] [PJ5] [oh1] 8 [wt0] 8 [ts1]| [ts] [pj4] [qpj] [te] [qPJ][pj]4 q [te] [tsq] [oh3] [oh0] [ywr] [pj0][oh]6 6 [ige0] [uf6] [ig2] 9 [ye] [ig9] [oh81] [ig8] [wutf] [ig8][pj]6 6 [ute0] 6 [i6] [u6] [ye0] [t6] [y^E] ^ [yqdE][uf][ig^] [oh^] [ts^] [wts0] [ts^] [pj6] [pj] [oh!] [oh][ig][92] 6[92][yi92][ut81]|[yE5] 59[ydE][uf9][ig5] [oh81] [ig8]w[utf]w[ig8] [sigP4]| [P4] [pi4]|||cx[odcJ]| b| [xplg]| zl[zgP]| c| [zb]| Bb[odJB]| z| [jidb]| vc[vuhP]| z| [pjb]fjLx gf[pgd9]eyi[pj]| [sf8]etup ds[id^P]qey[ig]| [jd]| Jj[hdJ5]9wE[zy]| [sjf6]0etu jh[gd^] qE[yti] Eq[yti] Eq[yti][yd][igE][qpj][PJ81] 8wtw[pj8][PJ][sl1]| [ts3] [pj4] [qpj] [te] [qPJ][pj]4 q [te] [ts4] [oh3] [oh0] [ywr] [pj0][oh]6 6 [igT0] [uf6] [ig2] 9 [ye] [ig9] [oh81] [ig8] [wutf] [ig8][pj]6 6 [ute0] 6 [i6] [u6] [ye0] [t6] [ye^] ^ [yqdE][uf][ig^] [oh^] [ts^] [wts0] [ts^] [pj6] [pj] [oh!] [oh][ig][92] 6[92][yi92][ut81]|[yE5] 59[ydE][uf9][ig5] [oh81] [ig8]w[utf]w[ig8] [ig4]| [P4] [pi4]|||[j92][p92]d[p92][j92][p92]d[p92][f81][p81]d[p81][j81][p81]f[p81][d^][p^]j[p^][g^][p^]d[p^][j^][p^]g[p^][d^][p^]g[p^][j92][p92]d[p92][j92][p92]d[p92][f81][p81]d[p81][j81][p81]f[p81][d^][p^]j[p^][g^][p^]d[p^][j^][p^]g[p^][d^][p^]g[f^][g92][p92]d[p92][j92][p92]d[p92][f81][p81]d[p81][j81][p81]d[s81][d^][i^]p[i^][g^][p^]d[p^][j^][p^]d[p^][j^][p^]J[j^][J5][d5]h[d5][z5][d5]h[d5][j6][s6]g[s6][j6][s6]h[g6][h7][a7]d[a7][d7][o7]a[o7][j6][p6]S[p6][je6][w5][qg4][f30][pgd92]69q[je] 9 [sf8]etup [d8]s[pid^]qey[ig]| [jd]| Jj[dJ5]9wE[zy]| [sjg6]qeti hg[h^]qey[id]| [pj6]0[ye]0[eT]0[ue]0[ye^]qey[pd] [pd] [pd] [pd] f g [sp6]qeti h[pg]| 6| [yE5] 9 [idPE] 9 [uoS6] [d0] [fT] p [spjg9] e [ypi] e [woYE8]| [tqpY4]| [yie^]qey[pd] [pd] [pd] [pd] f g [sp6]qet[si] h[pg]| 6 gh[jd5]9[wc][vE][zyb] gh[jd6]q[ec][vt][zib] gh[jd7]w[rc][yv][zob] cvb [zd] [xf] [gc] [jb5] 9w[yE] w9[yiE9] w9[ypE9] [wPJ]9[sohf81] 8 [wuto] 8 [81]| P [ts] [pj4] [qpj] [te] [qPJ][pj]4 q [te] [ts4] [oh3] [oh0] [ywr] [pj0][oh]6 6 [igT0] [uf6] [ig2] 9 [ye] [ig9] [oh81] [ig8] [wutf] [ig8][pj]6 6 [ute0] 6 [i6] [u6] [ye0] [t6] [ye^] ^ [yqdE][uf][ig^] [oh^] [ts^] [wts0] [ts^] [pj6] [pj] [oh!] [oh][ig][92] 6[92][yi92][ut81]|[yE5] 59[ydE][uf9][ig5] [oh81] [ig8]w[utf]w[ig8] [ig92]|[ueT!]|[ute81] [ywr7] 7 [wr]| [yqE5]| [yd][uf][ig] [oh81] [ig] [uf] [ig] [sigP4]| P [pi4]| j| [hE]i[pj]dl j h jj|g [hE]u[oj]sl j h jg|s [se]u[og][sg]|s s g h g [lg9]eyi[pJ]| [j8]et[uh]p g [pgd^]qeyi g| h j [shf] 8wtuo h| j l h [sjg9] ey[pi] ye[pi] ye[pi] ye[woYE8]| s| [seY84]| j| [hd^]q[jE]y[li] j h jj|g [h^]0[wj]t[ul] j h jg|s [s6]0[wg][tg]u s s g h g [J9]eyi[pj]| [h8]et[uj]p [gd] 7 w r w y|||[yqE5]| yui [uto81] i u i [tiE4]|||E t i E [qe4]

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About This Music Sheet

Tanjiro Kamado’s Song (Demon Slayer) (Alternative) is a song by Go Shiina. Use your computer keyboard to play Tanjiro Kamado’s Song (Demon Slayer) (Alternative) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 06:15, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Tanjiro Kamado’s Song (Demon Slayer) (Alternative) is classified in the genres: Manga, Japan on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime.


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    Level: 8
    Length: 06:15
    Tanjiro Kamado’s Song (Demon Slayer) (Expert)

    Go Shiina


  • [hwtu] [hwru] [wtu] [wru] [hwtu] f h f h f [hwru] k h [hwtu] [hwru] [wtu] [wru] [hwtu] f h f h f [hwru] k h [hqet] g h g h g [hwtu] g f g h [hqet] g h g h g [fwtu] [dwry] [s1wt]
    Level: 6
    Win One For The Reaper (Lost)

    Michael Giacchino

  • 0 0 [0f]ffh[st] | sssp[ws] a[ay] pp o [yo] | [ao]aaa[su] aaa popo ua a | dfffhs | sssss[so] aa pp p oo[ao]aaas aa pp [tp]ouypa o | [ay][ay][yp] pp [yp] [yp] | ppa[yp] pp ppo | upa[yp] pp[yp] [yp] | o | a | sd h j | kj kj h fd | j | kj | kz | h | G f f d d s s a o | a s d | h | j | kj kj h fd | j | kj | kj | hfd | d o d | a p p [ok]kk | j | j | jjj | j j | jkkj h jh | f h k kj h | [dh] | a p po | aa[tp] pp | p p | ppap pp ppo | upa[tp] ppp p | [dr] o d | a p po | upap ppp p | upap [ryp]p o[ryo] | upap pp pp | [dry] o d | a p p o | [auo] | [suo] | [ayo] | w
    Level: 5
    Length: 01:40
    Back To You

    Selena Gomez

  • d [wh] yo y[ka] [oj] [yh] [wj] ip i[zs] i [pd] [wh] yo y[ha] [oj] [yk] [wj] ip i[zs] i [pd] [wh] yo y[ka] [oj] [yh] [wj] ip i[zs] i [pl] [wk]j[yh]o ya o y w ip is|[zd] [wvkh] yo y[okh] [yj] [oh] [wjg] i[sp] i[zsjd] [if] [plg] [wkh] yo y[okhd] [yj] [oh] [wjgd] i[sp] i[zsjd] [if] [plg] [tskf] us o[khf] [sjG] [ohf] [yjdG] pd p[zG]|[lf] [wtkhd] [oj]sho[od] y s yoa| |z [xu]oaf x [zy]pd lk [yj]oa k| |[th]osG f [yd]pdG j [yl]oa k w y [zo] [xt]uos x [yC]pd xz [zw] u [ok] [uha] I [oh]G[uf]pS|u [pG] [hS] [yk] h p [jG]||h pd ph d Gf[fG]G|d|[zd] [wvoh] y[oa] yo [yj] [ok] [wojh] i[sp] i[zsg] [ih] [pjd] [woh] y[oa] yo [yj] [ok] [woj] i[sp] i[zsg] [ih] [pjd] [woh] y[oa] y[okd] [yj] [oh] [wojg] i[sp] i[zsg] [if] [plg] [wok] [yj][oa]hyo y [zo] [wol] [ki][sp]ji[hg] s [zpd] [wvkh] yo y[okh] [yj] [oh] [wjg] ip i[zsjd] [if] [plg] [wkh] yo y[okd] [yj] [oh] [wjgd] i[sp] i[zjgd] [sf] [plg] [tskf] us o[khf] [sjG] [ohf] [yjdG] pd p[zjG]|[lG] [tskf] [uj]shof s o t us of s o [yskd] [pj]dhph d p h ph pd p y [wohda]y

    Level: 7
    Length: 01:30
    Smile For Me (Sword Art Online)

    Yuki Kajiura