Best Performing Member

Best Performing Member


Virtual Piano World Championships 2021

A Global Virtual Piano Competition For All

Best Performing Member in Virtual Piano World Championships 2021

Best Performing Member is a category for members of Virtual Piano. As a member, you will attempt to get the best score on four allocated songs. Virtual Piano Members will play the allocated songs while logged-in to The 1st song will be Super Easy, 2nd song; Easy, 3rd; Intermediate and 4th song Expert level. Your score will appear on the Leaderboard of the Music Sheet that you play. The winner will be the member with the highest scores across all four songs.

The Best Performing Member category is open until the championships close on the 15th December 2021. You can play each of these allocated songs as many times as you like to get the best score you can. So go on, enter the championships, log in to your account and play the 4 songs allocated to members for your chance to win.



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