Best Virtual Pianist

Best Virtual Pianist


Virtual Piano World Championships 2021

A Global Virtual Piano Competition For All

Best Virtual Pianist in Virtual Piano World Championships 2021

Best Virtual Pianist is the traditional championship category in which you submit a video of your chosen song, performed on So, begin today. First, practice your favourite song and then once you are ready, record your screen as you play the song on Virtual Piano. Submit that video to us for your chance to become a winner in the championships. This category has 2 rounds. High-quality entries from Round 1 will be shortlisted for Round 2 (the final). Then, the Finalists will submit a final video to help determine the winner. The winner will be awarded the Best Virtual Pianist 2021 title!

PRIZES: CHAMPION: $300 / 2ND: $100 / 3RD: $50


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