Virtual Piano Game

Virtual Piano Game

Challenge a friend to a piano battle and see who comes out on top!

We're excited to announce the launch of Virtual Piano Challenge - the latest Virtual Piano game! Users can now host live piano competitions between friends, family and colleagues located anywhere in the world. This peer-to-peer piano game can be played between 2 players, within a 24-hour timeframe and has 10 difficulty levels. So whether you're a complete novice or an advanced pianist; you can join in on the fun. Challenge someone today! Choose your favourite virtual music instrument and expand your horizon!

Play The Virtual Piano Game

  1. Play the Virtual Piano game by completing the challenge form using your details and those of your intended opponent. Select the level of the song you want to play from 1 to 10 (1 being super easy and 10 expert), and Virtual Piano will automatically assign you a verified song to play in the challenge.
  2. Play the song sent to you by email. Both you and your opponent will be sent an email with details of the challenge. Click on the link to start the challenge and play the song to the best of your ability. The winner is decided based on the best accuracy, rhythm and overall score.
  3. Check who wins. The result will appear in the Virtual Piano Challenge table. If one of the piano contenders is a Virtual Piano member, the result will also be saved to their profile. The winner can download their winner's certificate from the Challenge table.


Virtual Piano Challenge

How to see the results of your Virtual Piano Challenge?

Once both the Challenger and the Opponent have played the song allocated for the challenge, the result will appear in the Virtual Piano Challenge table. Note that challenges have to be played within a 24-hour timeframe. The results table is live and results are replaced by new challenges as they come in. Virtual Piano Plus users benefit from completed challenges automatically being stored in their member dashboard. Virtual Piano Plus Membership is $48 USD per year and comes with a range of additional features - discover the full benefits of Virtual Piano Plus.

Virtual Piano Challenge Top Tips:

  • You can play the challenge song only once. So if you don't score as well as you wanted, create a new challenge and try again!
  • Both contenders play the same song in the Virtual Piano game. The Challenger chooses the difficulty level, but the song is selected at random by Virtual Piano.
  • The challenge result appears in the Latest Challenges table once both competitors have played the song. If you're logged in as a Virtual Piano Plus member, the result will also appear in the dedicated Challenge Records section of your Pianist Profile.
  • A Challenge Certificate is produced for each completed challenge. If you were the winner, don't forget to download your winner's certificate. Click on your challenge result in the Latest Challenges table to download the certificate.
  • Start with easier songs (Levels 1 - 4) and as you improve, work your way up to harder songs (Levels 5 - 10).
  • Difficulty level 1 can be played on mobile or tablet devices but other levels should be played on your desktop computer to benefit from the larger screen size.

Play The Virtual Piano Game in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Submit the challenge form

Virtual Piano Challenge

2. Play your allocated song

Play Your Allocated Song, Virtual Piano Game

3. Check the results table

Virtual Piano Challenge Table