Daniel Ingram

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About the Artist

Daniel Luke Ingram is a Canadian composer and lyricist, primarily for animated series soundtracks. He has written more than 200 songs for television, in genres ranging from pop and classic rock to large-scale Broadway-style musical theater. His music has been heard in 180 countries. He is mostly known for his work as the songwriter of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and the films based on the series. He has written over 80 songs for My Little Pony since 2010.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [utphe] d s [ywroh] d s d h [wurh0] d s [tqihe] d s d h [utphe] d s [ywroh] d s d h [ywroh] d s [tqied] s| r t [pe]|h [wuoj]|h|f [wu0] h|[qihe]|| [utpe]|h [ywroj]|h|f [ywro] d|[wuts0]| r t [utpe] l l [ywrol] k h|f [wur0] j|[tqihe]|| [utpe]|f [ywroh] h f|s [wro] d|[wuts0]| t| [wtoh] d s h d s d h h d s h d s [td] h [wtoh] d s h d s [id] [uh] [ih] [ud] s d s|| [w975] [w975]| [oa]| 5 [spe860]||[pi]| [p6] [wtgd80]|[sf]|[wsrp70]|[sf]| [wda975]||5 [wpi975]||[sp]| 5 [eda860]||[oa]| [a6] [wtgd80]|[sf]|[wrda70]|[sp]| [qpi864]||| [wo975]||t| [wtoh] d s h d s d h h d s h d s [td] h [wtoh] d s h d s [id] [uh] [ih] [ud] s d [sf]|| [u8][o0][ws]t
    Level: 8
    Length: 01:02
    I Have to Find a Way (My Little Pony)

    Daniel Ingram

  • f h f d|h| s d s a|o| p|a|s|d| s||a s|d|sf f f f|s| d|s f| d| s||a s|d| s||d f h|h|f|d| s f|d|| s s s|f| h j|h||s d d d|d|d| d f|d|| s d|f|s s s h j|h| s| d|d|d|f| j|h h|f g| s||a s|d|sf f f f|s| d|s|f||s
    Level: 2
    Length: 00:33
    Friendship is Magic (My Little Pony)

    Daniel Ingram