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James Ramsey Murray was an American composer and author including of songbooks. His work includes hymns and Christmas music and was published by Root & Cady as well as S. Brainard Sons. His work includes a popular arrangement of "Away in a Manger". He helped write "Daisy Deane" in an American Civil War camp. Murray helped produce the singing lesson book The Pacific Glee Book with Frederic Woodman Root. A portrait of him by Jacob Henry Hall is in the Library of Congress. Murray died on 10 March 1905 in Cincinnati of Addison's disease and he was buried at Spring Grove Cemetery.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • o| [s8] w [ts] w [td] [wf] [s8] w [ts] w [tf] [wg] [h8] w [th] w [tj] w [g8] e y e [yd] [fe] [g9] w [rg] w [ih] r [tf] r [se] r [se] [wf] [dQ] y [tp] y [sQ] y [wa] e w q [o0] 9 [s8] w [ts] w [td] [wf] [s8] w [ts] w [tf] [wg] [h8] w [th] w [tj] w [g8] e y e [yd] [fe] [g8] e [tg] e [rh] w [tf] r [se] r [se] [wf] [qd] t [yp] t [woa] i [us8]| |w| t o f o y u t o f o u i o s h s p| i d j d y u i a h a o| u s h s t u y p G p e| r o g o [wo]| [s8] w [ts] w [td] [wf] [s8] w [ts] w [tf] [wg] [h8] w [th] w [tj] w [g8] e y e [yd] [fe] [g7] e [yg] e [rh]| [f6] 0 [ws] e [s0] f [d9] e [tp] e [woa] i [wus8]| |t u [y84]|e|r| [t8]
    Level: 6
    Length: 01:08
    Away In A Manger

    James R. Murray


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