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About the Artist

Lily Ki (born November 20, 1991), better known by her online alias LilyPichu, is an American internet personality, musician and voice actress. She is a member of OfflineTV, an online social entertainment group of content creators.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • h|[tuof]|[tuo]|[tuo] d[tuof] h[tupk]|[tupk] k[tupk] j[tup] h[qetl]| jg|f s[wryf]|[wryd]|5|
    h|[tuof]|[tuo]|[tuo] d[tuof] h[etuk] j[etu]|[etub]n b[etu] j[qetl] ll l[Wqtl] Hh H[wryh]|[wryH]|[wryh]|
    f d[Qf] p[etu] d[qf] f[etuf] d[0f]|[wryh]|[ef]|[tuof]
    h[9qek] j[9qe]|[9qe] s[9qed] s[0eth]|[0et]|[0et]|[0etl]|[qetj]|[qet]|[qet]
    h[qetj] h[wry]| fff aa s

    Level: 6
    Length: 00:30
    Last Cup of Coffee



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