Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven

[9e]yi eyi eyi eyi | [8e]yi eyi eyi eyi
Eyi Eyi EYo EYo
[6e]To eyi [6e]yu wTu
[9q]ey eyi eyi p eyp | [*p]uo euo euo p uop
[9p]yi eyi P yoE yo | [8p]ti eti [8o]tu s uo
[4i]ti eti eti eti
Wti Wti Wti O tiO
* TiW TiW yio yi
[8o] tYw tYW tyW ty | [5o] tYw tY[wo] ryw ry
[8t] Yot Yot uosuo | S iO[qt] iOW iO[qa] iO
[8s] uot uot uosuo | S iO[qt] iOW iO[qa] iO
[8s] uot uo[6s] YIt YI | s ypt ypE yiE yi
8 tYW tY* EuwEu
[9y]wE 9wE [9y]wt [9y]Qe | [5w]Ey Eyo yoP doP d
dps yps yps dpsd
[5d]oP yoP 0oP 8oP | *op uop uop [8f]op
[9g]pdipd [5f]oPd ia | 6Tu pTu PTu oTu
6Tu eTu ETu wTu
6ey qey 6wT 0wT
[26qy] [26qy] [26qy]

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