[email protected] (Aldnoah.Zero)

Hiroyuki Sawano 11 November 2020

[qiOH]| |h|s| |s [hT]| |D||[PJ]||l| |[^OHE]| |[ohY(]| |D|s| |[gYP(]| |[YP]|[JD]| |4| |%||Z| |[VH]| |[vh]| |L| |[ZD] E t Y O| |D| |[hZH4]| |[qYW]| |Z||[JB]|m|[sl]|[H!]| |[YE(]| |[JB]|[PJ]|[VH]|[vh]| |[gc^]|E| |Y|Y|D|S|s|O|[PJ81]| |t|[VH]|[vh]| |l|Z|H|v|[gc!] [vh%] [qVH] [ZD%] [JB(]||[[email protected]]|[O4] 8 [E(] W||D O h|[ig!] [oh%] [qOH] [YD%] [[email protected]]| |[YD(]|[O4]| |E||W| |[ig!] [OH%] [sl] [ZD] [[email protected]] ^ (||[ig4] [OH8] [sql] [ZD8] [ZWD] Y [gc!] [vh%] [qVH] [ZD%] [[email protected]]|^|[ZD(]|[O4]||Y||W||[H!] h D O [ED] O E O H h D O D O|O [D4] [qO]|[WO] E t O [D4] O [tW] O [YW] [iY] [YW] O|[H!] [h%] [D] [O(] [qO] o Y E [Y!] [E%] [Y] E|W| |[ml4]||[PJ]||Z| |[WO]||[SL]||[qi]| |[Z1]||[OH]||[VH]||[ig]||[PE]||[qi4]| |[Y(]||[T]| |[t8]| |[c4]

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About This Music Sheet

[email protected] (Aldnoah.Zero) is a song by Hiroyuki Sawano. Use your computer keyboard to play [email protected] (Aldnoah.Zero) on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:40, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song [email protected] (Aldnoah.Zero) is classified in the genre of Songs From TV on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Animation, Anime.


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    Level: 6
    Length: 02:21
    EP←K (Nanatsu no Taizai)

    Hiroyuki Sawano

  • 111|[toY81]|[toY81]|[toY81]|[toY92]| |i| |4|[tqYW4]|[tqYW4]|[tqiW4]|[yiE5]|[w5]|y|[w5] 111|[toY81]|[toY81]|[toY81]|[toY%]|[tYO]| |[yri7]| |y|Y|[yw^E]|||[tW(%]|||[o81]hsdDogDsdohPsoDdohsDodgsDoHshod[o81]hsdDogDsdohPsoDdohsDodgsDoHshod[t1] o [wi8]|[w8]|[w8] Yt% i [o(%]|[(%]|[(%]|[t^] o [qi^]|[q^]|[q^] [email protected] o [wt(]|[w(]|[Y2]|[wt1] [oP] [woP8]|[w8]|[w8] [oY][oP]% [sO] [tY(%]|[(%]|[(%]|[wt^] [oP] [qo^P]|[q^]|[q^] io5 t [wi9]|[w9]|[w9]|[o81]hsdDo[g81]Dsdoh[P81]s[o81]D[d81]ohsDodgsDoHshod[w1]otyYw[i1]Ytywo[E1]t[w1]Y[y1]wot[Y1]wyi[t1]YwO[t1]owy[wtY81]oy[wtY81]|[81]wE[y81]EY[yw^E]YE[q^]|^|[yq^E] Y [wtY%]oy[wtY%]|% Y [o%]yE[w5]|[q5]|[wiE5]|[ywE5]|[tYO4] P [tYP4] O [tYO4]|4 y [yoE5] O [yOE5] o 5|[w5]oY[wtE%]yw[E%]|%|[wtE%]Yw[q^E9]|[yw^E]|[yo^E]|[yo^P]|[oPD81]hd[oPD81]|[81][wo][PE][yd81][PE][YD][yid^P][YD][PE][yqi^E]|^|[yd^] [YD] [soD%]hd[soD%]|% [YD] [oh%][yd][PE][ywoE5]|[yqiE5]|[igdP5]|[yidP5]|[sOHD4] [PJ] [PJ4] [OH] [sOHD4]|4 [yd] [ohdP5] [OH] [OH5] [ohdP] 5|[wo5][oh][YD][tsoY%][yd][wo][PE%]|%|[tsoY%][YD][wo][yo^PE]|[yo^E]|[w^YE]|[yq^E]|[o81]hsdDogDsdohPsoD[[email protected](]o[qh4]s[[email protected](]odgsDoH[s92]hod[o81]hsdDogDsdohPsoD[wd5]o[hW%]s[wD5]odgsD[o^E]H[[email protected](]h[o92]d[o81]hsdDogDsdohPsoDdohsDodgsDoHshod[o81][h1][s1][d81][D1][o1][g1][D1][s81][d1][o1][h81][P1][s1][o1][D8]1[d81][o1][h1][s81][D1][o1][d1][g1][s81][D1][o1][H1][s81][h81][o81][d81]

    Level: 8
    Length: 02:30
    Apple Seed (Attack on Titan)

    Hiroyuki Sawano

  • P p P [ywE(] P p P [wY8(]
    [tqie] o p i D s [id^] 9
    q E y i d s [sY6] e
    Y [yI9] [ys$] P [yP5] 9 w e
    E o P [wYE(] o P d s
    [pe9] P p o i [o5] 9 w
    e E J j J [odP] [odP] J
    j J [oPD] [oPD] [pg] [sh] j g
    [iZ] s g c [zE] i P d
    g g J z l [le] Y p
    s [ypG] l J l [wJ] y o
    d P o P [wodE(] [wso] o [so9]
    e o P [[email protected]] ^ s [d(] g
    [si2] 6 [o9] P [YP1] o [P2] s
    [[email protected]] i [si4] P [yP5] 9 w [yeE]
    o D g % [so%] ( W [so(]
    D [id^] [qD] d [sE] [qd] [o1] P
    D [igP5] 8 [ohP5] 5 9 [woPD] g
    9 [so%] ( [soW] [D(] [o^] P h
    [qg] D [PE] [qD] [igP1] 5 D [ohP8]
    5 ( 5 [o8] s D h [OH5]
    [PJD%] [PD(] W [D(] ^ [qP] [igPE] D
    5 [P9] [wh] H [h9] g [D1] 5
    [o8] P D g 5 [si4] 8 [sq]
    [D8] [o5] P g [PJ9] [wh] [g9] [o%]
    s D h ( [sYW] ( W t
    Y t [t^Y] 4 [ti^] [Y%] P E
    Y P E [YW] E [P(] E [^Y]
    E P E Y [Y%] (

    Level: 6
    Length: 02:01
    Eriones (The Seven Deadly Sins)

    Hiroyuki Sawano

  • s a s d [ef] u p s p s d [qf] t [ip] s s s h 8 [wg] t [yg] u f f w [yd] o s p s d [ef] u p s p s d [qf] t [ip] s s a s 8 [wd] t [ys] u s a s 5 [9f] w [ed] r o s d [6f] 0 [ep] [rs] t [up] s d [4f] 8 [qp] [ws] e [ts] [is] h 1 [5g] 8 [9g] 0 [wf] t f 5 [9d] w [es] r [yp] s d [6f] 0 [ep] [rs] t [up] s d [4f] 8 [qp] [ws] e [ts] [ua] s 1 [5d] 8 [9s] 0 [ws] [ta] s 5 [9f] w [9d] 5 8 5 [7a]s[6h] [0o] [es] [0o] [ta] [0o] [es] [0o] [4h] [8o] [qs] [8o] [ea] [8o] [qs] [8o] [8h] [wo] [ts] [wo] [ua] [wo] [ts] [wd] [5f] 9 [wg] [9d] r [9wdf] [9s] [6h] [0o] [es] [0o] [ta] [0o] [es] [0o] [4h] [8o] [qs] [8o] [ea] [8o] [qs] [8o] [1h] [5o] [8s] [5o] [0a] [5o] [8s] [5d] [5f] 9 [wg] [9d] r [9p] [wp] [9f] 6 0 e [0d] [td] [0s] e [0a] 6 [0s] [ep] 0 t [0p] [ep] [0f] 4 8 q [8f] [eh] [8f] q [8d] 4 [8d] [qs] 8 [ep] [8o] [qp] [8f] 5 9 w [9d] [rd] [9s] w [9a] 5 [9s] [wp] 9 r 9 w [9o] [2p] 6 [9f] 6 [qf] [6f] [9h] [6j] 3 [7d] 0 [7s] w [7e] [0u] [7o] [4to] [8tp] [qpf] w e u [eo] [5to] [9tp] [wpd] e r y [eo] [6to] [0tp] [epf] r t [od] [ts] [6yd] 0[ts]e [0tp] 5 [0e] [wru] [0o] [4to] 8[tp]e [8pf] 4 [8e] [eu] [8o] [3to] 8[tp]w [8pd] 3 [8e] [wy] [8o] [2uo] 6[up]q [6ps] [2a] 6 [qs] [3ryua] | [3tuOs] [ra] [ts] [yd] [6upsf] [6ep] [0ts] [0ts] [8yd] [6upsf] 4 [ep] 4 [8qts] [8qts] [6ts] [4ofh] 1 [ig] 8 [wtig] 0 [wtuf] 8 [wtuf] 5 [yd] 5 [9wts] [9wep] [7ts] [5yd] [6upsf] [6ep] [0ts] [0ts] [8yd] [6upsf] 4 [ep] 4 [8qts] [8qts] [6ra] [4tos] 1 [yd] 8 [wts] 0 [wts] [8ra] [wtos] 5 [uf] 5 [9wyd] [9wo] [7ts] [5yd] [6usf] 0 [8ep] [0ts] 6 [0ets] [8yd] [0esf] 4 [8qep] 6 [8qts] 4 [8qts] [6ts] [8qfh] 8 [wtig] 0 [wtig] 8 [wtuf] 0 [wtuf] 5 [9wyd] 7 [9wts] 5 [9wep] [7ts] [9wyd] [6usf] 0 [8ep] [0ts] 6 [0ets] [8yd] [0esf] 4 [8qep] 6 [8qts] 4 [8qts] [6ra] [8qos] 8 [wyd] 0 [wts] 8 [wts] [0ra] [wtos] 5 [9wuf] 7 [9wyd] 5 [9w] 7 [9w] [6s] 6 0 [ef] t u [pf] g q [ef] [td] [is] p i [ts] g 1 [8f] [wd] [ts] u o [ts] o 5 [7d] [9d] [ws] 9 [5a] 5 5 [6s] 6 0 [ef] t u [pf] g q [ef] [td] [es] q 8 [6s] [4a] 1 [5o] [8u] [0u] w t [up] a 5 [7s] 9 w r [ws] [9a] [7o] [4to] 8[tp]q [8pf] e 8 [qu] [8o] [5yo] 9[yp]w [9pd] r 9 [wy] [9o] [6to] 0[tp]e [0pf] t 0 [eod] [0s] [6yd] 0[ts]e [0tp] 5 [0e] [wu] [0o] [4to] 8[tp]e [8pf] 4 [8e] [eu] [8o] [3to] 8[tp]w [8pd] 3 [8e] [wy] [8o] [2uo] 6[up]q [6ps] [2a] 6 [qs] [3rua] | [uakx] | l k l z [px] f [sj] [fl] p [fj] [sl] [fz] [ix] s [pj] [sl] i [sl] [pl] [sv] t [oc] u [oc] t [ox] u [ox] o [dz] a [dl] o [dj] [al] [dz] [px] f [sj] [fl] p [fj] [sl] [fz] [ix] s [pj] [sl] i [sl] [pk] [sl] t [oz] u [ol] t [ol] [uk] [ol] w [yx] r [yz] w [9oh] [7sl] [5dz] [6flx] [6pj] [0esl] [0esl] [8dz] [6flx] 4 [pj] 4 [8qsl] [8qsl] [6sl] [4hxv] 1 [gc] 8 [wtgc] 0 [wtfx] 8 [wtfx] 5 [dz] 5 [9wsl] [9wpj] [7sl] [5dz] [6flx] [6pj] [0esl] [0esl] [8dz] [6flx] 4 [pj] 4 [8qsl] [8qsl] [6ak] [4shl] 1 [dz] 8 [wtsl] 0 [wtsl] [8ak] [wthl] 5 [fx] 5 [9wdz] [9w] [9w] as [6h] [0o] [es] [0o] [ta] [0o] [es] [0o] [4h] [8o] [qs] [8o] [ea] [8o] [qs] [8o] [8h] [wo] [ts] [wo] [ua] [wo] [ts] [wd] [5f] 9 [wg] [9d] r 9 d f [wd] [9s] [6h] [0o] [es] [0o] [ta] [0o] [es] [0o] [4h] [8o] [qs] [8o] [ea] [8o] [qs] [8o] [1h] [5o] [8s] [5o] [0a] [5o] [8s] [5d] [5f] 9 [wg] [9d] r 9 w [9k]l [6v] [0h] [el] [rh] [tk] h l h [4v] [8h] [ql] [wh] [ek] h l h [8v] [wh] [tl] [yh] [uk] h l z [wx] y [oc] [pz] [azxz] l [ev] [uh] [pl] [ah] [sk] h l h [qv] [th] [il] [oh] [pk] h l h [tv] [oh] [sl] [dh] [fk] h l z [wx] y [oc] [pz] a | jl [4qv] cxlhgfsoiutwqwt9q [w1wt]
    Level: 7
    Reluctant Heroes (Attack on Titan)

    Hiroyuki Sawano


  • t t [qy] [et] [eti] [0u] [wt] [wt] t [8y] [ewt] [ewto] [qi] [et] [et] t [qs] [etip] [eti] [6u] [eqy] [qyep] P [8p] [qeti] [e0to] [qeti] d [woaf] y r [yd] w y [rh] y [pdqg] y e y Q y [ed] y [qipf] y e [yd] Q y [ej] y [wadh] y r y w y [rd] y [whkz] y r [yk] w y [rh] y [0osg] t w [tf] 0 t [wl] t [9dhk] r w [rh] 9 t [gesj] t [radh] w 9 w 5 [ah] [1sj] [0wah] [tufl] [5dk] [9qwr] [ryah] [5sj] [9qah] [rygz] [18fl] [0wt] [wtsh] [18lv] [hx] [6fl] [6dk] [4sj] [2jc] [5hx] [fl] [5gz] [18fl] [8o] [wtup] [wtuo] [wtus] [wtuo] [wtu] [9a] [wrio] [wri] [wrio] y r [9p] [wrio] [wrip] [wrio] [wri] [wrid] [8s] [wtuo] [wtu] [wtu] u o [8th] G h [7rf] s o [^EP] p O [6ep] i [pg] [5wof] [us] [us] [5id] [ya] [ya] [1us] o u t [$TIPD] [!TIPS] [$IPSG] [!OSG] [ITOS] [!TOD] [4TOS] [%OSH] [!$SG] [TIPS] [$SJL] [$PGJ] [$ISG] [d7ig] [7iad] [dgak] [!*GJ] [!ISG] [4aoh] [$ISG]
    Level: 5
    Length: 01:15
    Happy Birthday To You (Intermediate)
  • f|g|[qp]shh h h h|s f [o0]sdd d d d|f d [sq] [ts] [si] [so] s|k l [utkQ]| j f| |f|g|[p9]sh[he] [th] [yh] h t [s9] f [o0]sd[ed] [td] [yd] [od]|f d[ysqe] t i o [wrf9] g [rdW9] s [te0] s| [ytW9]| |x z [l9]qet|h [x5] c [z%] l[l65] 0 r t o a s h k l v

    Level: 6
    Length: 00:43
    Don’t Forget (Deltarune) (Alternative)

    Toby Fox

  • [s6]0[tea] [ute] [i2]6[tqe] [sqe] [a5]9[wrp] [ywr] [u1]5[wr0] [w0] [p4]8[qoe] [tqe] [y^]4[qe9] [qp9] [yp7]$[eI9] [eI9] [urO3]0[up$]Q[ua%]W[s6]0[tea] [ute] [i2]6[tqe] [sqe] [a5]9[wrp] [ywr] [u1]5[wr0] [wo0] [p4]8[tqe] [tqe] [p$]8[taQ] [tseQ] [a5]9[ywr] [ywr] [a%]9[ysO3]q[ydO%]W[usp6]0[te] [te0] 60[te] [te0] 60[toe]s [te0] 60[toe]s [te0] [s6]0[tea] [ute] [i2]6[tqe] [sqe] [a5]9[wrp] [ywr] [u1]5[wr0] [w0] [p4]8[qoe] [tqe] [y^]4[qe9] [qp9] [yp7]$[eI9] [eI9] [urO3]0[up$]Q[ua%]W[s6]0[tea] [ute] [i2]6[tqe] [sqe] [a5]9[wrp] [ywr] [u1]5[wr0] [wo0] [p4]8[tqe] [tqe] [p$]8[taQ] [tseQ] [a5]9[ywr] [ywr] [a%]9[ysO3]q[ydO%]W[usp6]0[te] [te0] 60[te] [te0] 60[toe]s [te0] 60[toe]s [te0] 6

    Level: 6
    Length: 00:50
    Dance of the Evanescent (NieR)

    Keiichi Okabe