Everything I Do

Bryan Adams 10 September 2020

[tsof]| [to]| [to]|
[tsog]hgf[toda]| [to]| [to]|
[toda]hhs[tspi]| [ti]| [ti]|
[tspi]dfs[toda]| [to]| [to]| |
8| [sf]g[f8]d[d8]s ioiu[y5]|
[da] 5s[a5]po yoot[tp4]||
[a4] [sp4]| fds
[da5]||5 5| [sf] g[sf8]ds| 8 8| [da] s
[oa5]po| 5 5||o
[pi4]| [ia] 4 [si4]| g|
[sf5]ds| [d5] [da5]||f
[pg9]| [pg] 9 [pg9] j [h8] f
[id9]||9 9||f
[pg9]| [pg] 9 [pg9] j [h8] f
[id9]||9 9| [sf] g
[sf8]ds| 8 8| [sg]hgf[da5]||
5 5 o[of] [of] [id8] [us]|
8 8| |8||8 8| |8|
[tsf]g[f8]d[d8]s [ti]oiu[y5]|
[wda] 5s[oa5]po [yw]oot[tp4]|
[qa] 4 [s4]| [qpg] f[da5]| w 5 5|
[wsf]gfd[d8]s t 8 8|
[thf] fd[f5]d w 5 5| w oo[pi4]|
[qia] 4 [si4]| [qjg] g
[sf5]| [ws] [d5] [da5]| w f
[pg9]| [ypg] 9 [pg9] j [h8] f
[id9]| y 9 9| y f
[pg9]| [ypg] 9 [pg9] j [h8] f
[id9]| y 9 9| [yf] g
[sf8]ds t 8 8| [tsg]hgf[da5]|
w 5 5 o[wof] [of] [id8] [us]
t 8 8| t| 8| t 8 8| [ts]|
[d^P]| [dPE] ^ ^| [dPE]|
[oD(]| [oYD] ( (| [oYD] g
[g^P]| [dPE] ^ ^| [dPE] g
[pg4]| [sqp] 4 4| [qpg] [pg][sg8]|
[tsf] 8 8| [tsf] h [ha5]|
[wda] 5 5| [wha] [ha][ha9]
[pG] y [dI9] 9| [yjG] k[sj5]
[ha] w [sj5] 5 [ha] w| |
[id] [if] [pi] [sp4]| [sqf] 4 4| q|
4 ff[qd]s[p4] [id4] [if]q[pi]
[uo8]| t 8 8| tpss8|
t 8 [sf8][sh][sh][sh]t s
[s4]| [sqj] 4 4| q l
[sj4]| q 4 [id4] [if]q[pi]
[o8] jht [j8][sf]8| t|
[d8]s t 8 [sh8]| [tsh] [sh]
[pg9]| [ypg] 9 [pg9] j [yh] f
[da5]| w 5 5| [wh] h
[jg9]hg [ypg] 9g[jg9] h [yh] f
[da5]| w 5 5| [wg] g
[og8]| [tof] [of8] 8| t h
[ha5]| [wda] [da5] 5| [wha] j[ph4]|
[qpg] [pg4] 4| [qh] g
[sg4]| [sh]| [sH]|||
shg[sf5]||5 5|
ghgf[da5]||5 5|
f ds[sp4]||
4 4 o f f [ud8] s

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About This Music Sheet

Everything I Do is a song by Bryan Adams. Use your computer keyboard to play Everything I Do on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 03:56, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Nova Nine. The song Everything I Do is classified in the genres: Canada, Songs From Movies on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Robin Hood.


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    Level: 7
    Length: 02:52
    City of Tears (Hollow Knight)

    Christopher Larkin

  • [8o] i u y [9i] u y t [9t] y u y [qe] [et] [5t] [5r] [8w] 0 [wu] 0 [6i] u [wy] t [4o] 6 9 [qy] [5y] 7 9 w [8w] 0 [wu] 0 [6i] u [wy] t [3o] 7 0 w r w [rp] a [6s] t [ua] [tp] [3o] w u w [qp] t o i [8u] w [7y] w [6t] [0r] [wt] [0u] y Q e t [5t] 6 7 9 [wy] q 0 [9o] [qp] t o p [5o] r y i [8i] w [qu] y T e [ey] u [9yi] e [qu] y [5et] 9 [wy] 9 [8t] w q w 0 w [8w] 0 [wu] 0 [6i] u [wy] t [4o] 6 9 [qy] [5y] 7 9 w [8w] 0 [wu] 0 [6i] u [wy] t [3o] 7 0 w r w [rp] a [6s] t [ua] [tp] [3o] w u w [qp] t o i [8u] w [7y] w [6t] [0r] [wt] [0u] y Q e t [5t] 6 7 9 [wy] q 0 [9o] [qp] t o p [5o] r y i [8i] w [qu] y T e [ey] u [9yi] e [qu] y [5et] 9 [wy] 9 [8t] 0 w q 0 u [9yi] e [qu] y [5et] 9 [wy] 9 [8t] 0 w q 0 q 0
    Level: 5
    Peaceful Days (Chrono Trigger)

    Yasunori Mitsuda

  • [ut6] 0 e| | [ie4] 8 q| | [ur5] 9 w| | [ut6] 0 e|t y|u 6 0 e| | [o8] w t y| | [i9] e y u| | [o0] r u I| | [u6] 0 e t y u|i 4 8 q e o i|u 5 9 w r u y|u 6 0 e r t y|u 6 0 e r|p f p [o8] w t y|p f p [i9] e y u|p f p [o0] r u I|o|| [tpe60]||| [tqp84]||| [tpe60] p|p|p|p [tqp84] p|p|p|p [ute60] p|p|p|p [wuto8] p|p|p|p [yie9] p|p|p|p [uro0] p|p|p|p [f6] 0 e t [ud] f|g 4 8 q e [th] g|f 5 9 w r [yf] d|f 6 0 e t s d|f 6 0 e r|j x j [h8] w t y|[uj] x j [g9] e y u|[ji] x j [h0] r u I|o|| [spje]| |k| [qplg]| |z| | [woha]| |j| [ukf0]| |l| | [spje]| |k| | [qplg]| |z| | [woha]| |j| | [ukf0]| |l| | [slje6]| |[zd]| | [slje4]||| [wkd5]| |j| | [sje6]| |j x j [je60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [q84] [q84] [q84] [q84] [q84] [q84] [q84] [q84] [w95] [w95] [w95] [w95] [w95] [w95] [w95] [w95] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [e60] [fe60] [ue60] [pe60] [fe60] [ue60] [pe60] [fe60] [ue60] [qf84] [uq84] [qp84] [qf84] [uq84] [qp84] [qf84] [uq84] [wf95] [wu95] [wp95] [wf95] [wu95] [wp95] [wf95] [wu95] [fe60] [ue60] [pe60] [fe60] [ue60] [pe60] [fe60] [ue60] [f6] [ue60] [pe60] [fe60] [ue60] [pe60] [fe60] [ue60] [f4] [uq84] [qp84] [qf84] [uq84] [qp84] [qf84] [uq84] [f5] [wu95] [wp95] [wf95] [wu95] [wp95] [wf95] [wu95] [f6] [ue6] [pe6] [fe6] u p f u [spje]| |k| [tlf8]| |z|l| [zwoh]|h| | [uof0]|k| |l| [uspe]fj| |b x b b
    Level: 7
    Length: 02:57
    An End Once and For All (Mass Effect 3)

    Clint Mansell