The Force (Star Wars)

9 w e E t E 9
9 w e E 9 E 9 y t
[y9] [wo] [ep] [EP] [st] [EP] [y9] [y9] [wo] [ep] [EP] [y9] [EP] [wo] [yd] [st] y [yo] [yp] o [do] P [yh] [EP] [ep] [wo] [dyo] [EP] [wo] [ey9] [ey9] [wyo]

y o p P s P y
y o p P y P y d s
[dy] [ho] [jp] [JP] [sl] [JP] [dy] [dy] [ho] [jp] [JP] [dy] [JP] [ho] [zd] [sl] d [dh] [dj] h [zh] J [dv] [JP] [jp] [ho] [zdh] [JP] [ho] [dyp] [dyp] [dho]

r u I opo r
r u I o r ouap
r u I o u a o f
u oIua our r u

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