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Naomi Grace Scott is an English actress and singer. She is best known for starring as Princess Jasmine in Disney's musical live-action fantasy film Aladdin (2019). Scott rose to prominence for her performances in the science fiction drama series Terra Nova (2011) and the Disney Channel teen film Lemonade Mouth (2011). She has also starred in the superhero film Power Rangers (2017) and the action comedy film Charlie's Angels (2019).Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • I uo Iy eI u oIy I | u | u YI u Tu y T y r T u yeI uo Iy eI u oIy I | u | u YI u Tu y T y r T u yI | Io a p |Io a pu o II | I o p S ap | y S ap | yI uy eyu | Io a p | Io a p uo | II | I o p S a p | ySd p | yI u y u o I y T yu o I a p f d [sip] oP pi t[ip] oP pi [dp] | [so] | o Ip o u[eyo] i | u i [ey]u o i [tip] | pP d [su] | ppp o i [qet] | pP d s oP pp | p P s f ds | if ds | ip o i o P p i y o | ppp o i t | ppp o i oi | p P s [sf] d [sp] | if[dg] [sip] | p o i o P p i u [eyi]pP d spP d st[tp] | o | [eip]
    Level: 5
    Length: 01:50
    A Whole New World (Aladdin)

    Naomi Scott


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