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Sora tob sakana was a Japanese idol girl group formed in 2014. They released their debut single, "Yozora o Zenbu", on October 27, 2015. The group released their eponymous first studio album in July 2016. In April 2017, they released their first EP, Cocoon, followed by the group's first major label release: their second EP, Alight, in May 2018. Their third single, "New Stranger" was released in July 2018 and was featured in Hi Score Girl as the opening theme. They released their second studio album, World Fragment Tour, in March 2019.[8] Their fourth single, "Sasayakana Shukusai", which was released in July 2019, was featured in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? II as the ending theme. Their fifth single, "Flash", which was released in November 2019 was featured in Hi Score Girl II as the opening theme. On May 22, 2020, the group announced that they would disband on September 6th.

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Artist's Music Sheets

  • [skigf] l k l k x|v|c x c v z m n|||[utre]|k|h|h h|g f|g|f h h h h h|h g|f f||[spfa]|k|h|h h|g f|g|f h h h h h|j h|g|f|g f|9 e [uk] i h|h h|g f|g|f [qh] [th] [uh] [ph] [sh] h k l|k h|[tqjig] [ywokh]|[lhf6] 0 e t [zujh]|[khf] 5 [l9] [he] r j f|[qp] t g u i f g|h|[pjd] 0 r [udaOH] I [pj] [ka]|[utqlf]|k l|h|h|g|f f g h|8 w [ys] [us] s d|f 7 [wg] [rd] y h|z|k [utrpke]|j k|j|k [wuo] l|h|f|[dQ] y G I|h|z|k| l|k l|[lf9] e [tkd] [ha0]|[rha] y [qha]|[tg] [uf] g h| [qi] W O t s Y [sH] [sH] [sH] [sJ]|s g H l [ywto] z|k|||z z z [z8] w [yl] [uk]|h|[jd] 9 [wkd] e [yh]|h G h [j7] [hQ] [je] [yl] k h d [ywrd0] h j z|l|k|h|h [h6] 0 [wj] [tk]|l|k 7 [jQ] [he] y G h x|[yrd0] h j z|l [ytkh(]|l [pokhdY]|l k|[h5] 9 [vh] e [GC] r [zd8] [wsl] [yka] [zd] [ka] [sl] [oh8] [wpj] [tsl] [yka] [IG] [oh] [p7] d G j Q e [ysl]|[ka]|[usfTPOHE]|h H|j k|[lfe] [ukd] [olf] [pkf]|h|[pdI] 9 [je] [yG] [theY(]|[pj] [sl] [ka] 3 7 0 Q w r h [yrWG0]|h j k| [olfe] [kd] l h|j|[zh] [ys] l h k|l|||[yusi] a s a|f|h|g f g h z l k| [spkfa] l k l|x|v|c x c v z m n

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:13
    New Stranger (High Score Girl)

    Sora tob sakana


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