Bella Ciao – El Profesor

2020 Tournament Entry – T.Clay
s f j l f j k [el] [tj] u p s f j k [el] [tj] u p s f j k [el] t u k [pj] [sl] f j j [ex] t [ux] p [sx] u p a [6s] [etp] 3 [et] 6 [etu] [3p] [eta] [6s] [etp] 3 [et] 6 [etu] [3p] [eta] [6ps][et] [3a] [etp] [5os] [wr] [5a] [wrp] [4ipf] [qe] [4ipf] [qe] [O3uf]

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u p a [se06]p u p a [se06]p
u p a [se06] ap[se06] ap[f370] f f f fdf[g269]g gfd[fe06] s s s [a370] f s a [pe06] upa[se06]p upa[se06]p
upa[se06] aps ap[f370]ff ffdf[g269]g gfd[fe06]s ss[a370] fsa[pe06]

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