El Profesor

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El Profesor is a character in the Spanish TV series Money Heist.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • s f j l f j k [el] [tj] u p s f j k [el] [tj] u p s f j k [el] t u k [pj] [sl] f j j [ex] t [ux] p [sx] u p a [6s] [etp] 3 [et] 6 [etu] [3p] [eta] [6s] [etp] 3 [et] 6 [etu] [3p] [eta] [6ps][et] [3a] [etp] [5os] [wr] [5a] [wrp] [4ipf] [qe] [4ipf] [qe] [O3uf]
    Level: 5
    Bella Ciao (Intermediate)

    El Profesor

  • u p a [6s] p|| u p a [6s] p|| u p a [6s]|a p s|a p [6f]|f|f f d f [9g] g|| g f d [8f] s|| d s [7a]|f|s|a|[6p]||6|6|| 6 0 e r [6t] e|666 0 [6e] r [6t] e|666 0 [6e] r [6t]|r [6e] t|[6r] e [6u]|u 6 u| [6y] u [9i] i|999 i [9u] y [8u] t|888| [8y] t [7r]|u 7 [7t]|[7r]|[6e] 6|666 y [6y] u [9i] i|999 p [9o] i [8o] u|888| [8y] t [7r]|u 7 [7t]|[7r]|[6e] 6|666|6|| f j k [el] j|| f j k [el] j|| f j k [el]|k [ej] l|[ek] j [ex]|x e x x [ez] x [yc] c|y| c [yx] z [tx] l|t| [tz] l [rk]|x r l|[rk]|[ej]
    Level: 4
    Length: 01:10
    Bella Ciao

    El Profesor