Bad Guy

Billie Eilish 4 September 2020

6 6 8 6 6 6 6 [8s] [6p] [5o] [6p] [6p] [8s] [6p] [6p] [6p] [6p] [8s] [6p] [5o] 9 9 q 9 9 9 9 [qg] [9d] [8s] 0 0 [WH] [0f] [0f] 3 3 3 [6t] t 6 8 [6t] [6t] [6t] [6e] 8 [6e] [5y] [6ps] [ps] 6 8 [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] 8 [6ps] [5ad] [9ups] [ups] 9 q [9ups] [9ups] [9ups] [9ups] q [9ups] [8uaf] [0upa] [upa] 0 W [0upa] [0upa] [3up] [Ou] 3 3 [6ps] [ps] 6 8 [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] 8 [6ps] [5ad] [6ps] [ps] 6 8 [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] 8 [6ps] [5ad] [9ups] [ups] 9 q [9ups] [9ups] [9ups] [9ups] q [9ups] [8uaf] [0upa] [upa] 0 W [0upa] [0upa] [3up] [Ou] 3 [3s] d s [6d] 0 [ep] 0 [6d] [0s] [ed] [0s] [6d] 0 [ep] 0 [6d] [0s] [ed] [0s] [6d] 0 [ep] 0 [6d] [0s] [ed] [0s] [6d] 0 [ep] s d [9f] e [yf] e [9d] [es] [yd] [es] [9f] e [yf] e [9d] [es] [yd] [es] [0f] r [uf] r [0d] [rs] [ud] [rs] [0f] r [uf] d s [7ra] [6ep] e [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [9d] [ej] y [ed] [H9] [ej] [Hy] [eg] [9d] [ej] y [ed] [H9] [ej] [Hy] [eg] [0f] [rk] u [rf] [0j] [rf] u [rd] 0 r u r 3 3 s s s s s s p [ad] [ps] [ps] [ps] [ps] [ps] [ps] [ps] [ad] [ups] [ups] [ups] [ups] [ups] [ups] [ups] [uaf] [upa] [upa] [upa] [upa] [up] [Ou] [6ps] [ps] 6 8 [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] 8 [6ps] [5ad] [6ps] [ps] 6 8 [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] [6ps] 8 [6ps] [5ad] [9ups] [ups] 9 q [9ups] [9ups] [9ups] [9ups] q [9ups] [8uaf] [0upa] [upa] 0 W [0upa] [0upa] [3up] [Ou] 3 [3s] d s [6d] 0 [ep] 0 [6d] [0s] [ed] [0s] [6d] 0 [ep] 0 [6d] [0s] [ed] [0s] [6d] 0 [ep] 0 [6d] [0s] [ed] [0s] [6d] 0 [ep] s d [9f] e [yf] e [9d] [es] [yd] [es] [9f] e [yf] e [9d] [es] [yd] [es] [0f] r [uf] r [0d] [rs] [ud] [rs] [0f] r [uf] d s [7ra] [6ep] e [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [9d] [ej] y [ed] [H9] [ej] [Hy] [eg] [9d] [ej] y [ed] [H9] [ej] [Hy] [eg] [0f] [rk] u [rf] [0j] [rf] u [rd] 0 r u r 3 [3e] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [6p] [0f] e [0p] [D6] [0f] [De] [0s] [9d] [ej] y [ed] [H9] [ej] [Hy] [eg] [9d] [ej] y [ed] [H9] [ej] [Hy] [eg] [0f] [rk] u [rf] [0j] [rf] u [rd] [0d] r u r 3 3 [60e] [60e] [60e] [60e] [60e] [60e] [60e] [60e] [eup]

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About This Music Sheet

Bad Guy is a song by Billie Eilish. Use your computer keyboard to play Bad Guy music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 03:10, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Mark Chaimbers. The song Bad Guy is classified in the genres: Pop, USA on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Alternative, Female Artists, Meme.


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  • [tqe4]| |[wr95]|[te60]| |[wr95]|[wt80]| |[wr95]|[tqe4]|||[tqe4]| |[ywr5]|[ute6]| |[ywr5]|[uto8]| |[ywr5]|[tqe4]|||[84]| |[95]|[60]| |[95]|[80]| |[95]|[40]|w|||w|[e4]| |[w5]|[e6]| |[w5]|[e8]| |[w5]|[e4]|t|||[tqe4]| |[ywr5]|[wut6]| |[yrq5]|[wut8]| |[yrq5]|[ute4]|[utoe]|||t|[tpi4]| |[yro5]|[utp6]| |[yro5]|[utp8]| |[yro5]|[utp4]|[utsp]|||[s0] [a9] [p8] [a9] [p8] o [u0]| |[yro5]|[ut8]| |[wt50]|[qe4]| |[t8]|[y9]|[u0]|[tie92] u i|u y [ute6] y u|t|[wut81] y u|t|[qe84]| |[t8]|[y9]|[u0]|[tie92] u i|u y [ute6] y u|t|[wut81] y u|t|[qe84]| |[tqe]| |[tqe]||4 4|[rqe4] t||e|[84]| |[95]|[60]| |[95]|[80]| |[95]|[40]|w| |[ute]||y t y [re4] t||w|[e4]| |[w5]|[e6]| |[w5]|[e8]| |[w5]|[e4]|t|4|[tqe]| |4|[rqe] t||[e4]|[tqe4]| |[ywr5]|[wut6]| |[yrq5]|[wut8]| |[yrq5]|[ute4]|[utoe]| |[utoe]|[utoe]|[utoe]| |t|[tpi4]| |[yro5]|[utp6]| |[yro5]|[utp8]| |[yro5]|[utp4]|[utsp]|||[s0] [a9] [p8] [a9] [p8] o [u0]| |[yro5]|[ut8]| |[wt50]|[qe4]| |[t8]|[y9]|[u0]|[tie92] u i|u y [ute6] y u|t|[wut81] y u|t|[qe84]| |[t8]|[y9]|[u0]|[tie92] u i|u y [ute6] y u|t|[wut81] y u|t|[qe84]| |4 8 [tqe]|[tqe4]|[te30]|[q2]|[te]||r [t60] e||w|[w10]| |1|[tqe4]|[tqe4]|[te30]|[qe2]|t|e|[tq6]|e|i|[wut1]||y|t [ye4]||[te]|q [te4]|4 q 4|[ywr5]||[ywr]|2 [ywr5]||2 [ywr5] t [wr4]|[qe]| |[tqe4]|[tqe4]|[teQ$]|[yrq5]||[wut]||[wt50]| |[wr9]|[qe4]| |e|[tqe4]| |[tqe4]| |[tqe4]| |[s4] a p a p o [u860]| |o|[wu80]| |u|[tqe]|u| |[tqe]|y|u|[qge9] f g|f d [f860] d f|s|[wf80] d f|s|[tqpe]| |s|d|f|[qge9] f g|f d [f860] d f|s|[wf80] d f|s|p

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:57
    When The Party’s Over (Alternative)

    Billie Eilish

  • [tqpi]| |[ywoa]|[uspe]| |[ywoa]|[wus8]| |[ywro]|[tqpi]|||[tsqp]| |[ywda]|[usfe]| |[ywda]|[whf8]| |[ywda]|[tsqp]|||hfdspoutew08[te4] q 8 6 [yr5]|[ut6] 6 1 3 [yr5]|[ut8] 1 3 5 [yr0]|[ue4] 6 [o0] q 0 8 6|||o|[pi9] y e q [ro975]|[up860] u t e [wro0]|[up864]| |[ro75]|[pi4]||[sp]||8 4 8 4 7 8 8 4 8 4 7 8 [sp4] 6 8 q [daW] q [tsf] w 0 8 [da5] 3 [sf4] 6 8 q [rda]|[wf]|[hPE]|u|o|u|yuy| |s s h [jg4] 6 8 q [wha5] 9 [sje6] 0 8 6 [wha5] 9 [jf4] 6 8 q [woha] r [jig]|[lj]|||l k j k j h [sf6]| |[fa5] h [of8]| |[ys5]|[tp4]| |[ts]|[yd]|[uf]|[pgd2] [f6] [pgd9] q [pfe] [d9] [spf6] [d3] [spf6] 8 [sp0] 6 [sof1] [d5] [sof8] 0 [wso] 8 [tp4]| |[ts8]|[yd9]|[uf0]|[pgd2] [f6] [pgd9] q [pfe] [d9] [spf6] [d3] [spf6] 8 [sp0] 6 [sof1] [d5] [sof8] 0 [wso] 8 [tp4]|4|4|[sp4]|4|4|[qe4]|4|4 4 [rq] t|[qe]||[te4] 6 8 q [yr5] 7 [ut6] 8 0 e [ywr5]|[ut1] 3 5 8 [yr0] w [ue4] 6 [o0] q 0 8 [u6]||y t y [rq] t e|[to] p [pi9] y e q [ro975]|[up860] u t e [wro]975[up864]| |[ro75]|[pi4]||[sp]||[i84] u y t [e4] w [rq4] t 4 [qe] 4|[sp4] 6 8 q [daW] q [tsf] w 0 8 [da5] 3 [sf4] 6 8 q [rda]|[wpf]|[shE]|u|[oE] [wu] [y0] [t8] [e4]| |s s h [jg4] 6 8 q [wha5] 9 [sje6] 0 8 6 [wha5] 9 [jf4] 6 8 q [wha] r [jg4] 6 [lj8] q ertyuiopasdfgh|||[lj] [kh] [jg] k [jd5] h [sf6]| |[fa5] h [of8]| |[ys5]|[tp4]| |[tsq]|[yd8]|[uf4] f [pgd2] [f6] [pgd9] q [pfe] [d9] [spf6] [d3] [spf6] 8 [sp0] 6 [sof1] [d5] [sof8] 0 [wso] 8 [tp4]| |[tsq] 4 [yqd] 4 [uqf] 4 [pgd2] [f6] [pgd9] q [pfe] [d9] [spf6] [d3] [spf6] 8 [sp0] 6 [sof1] [d5] [sof8] 0 [wso] 8 [tp4]|4 q [te4] q [te4] q [te4] q [uso3] 0 [pi2] s||a [sp6] p||o|[uo8]| |[sqi]|[sqi4]|[us30]|[pi2]|s|p|[sp6]|p|f|[sf8]||d|s [pd4]||q [sp4] q [te4]|4 q 4 [sq] [oda5]||[oda]|9 [ofa5]||d [so]|[si4]|[tp] q 4 q [te4]|4|$ s [oda5]||[ofa]||[yso]||[yoa]||[tp4]| |p|[si]| |[si]| |s| |[sp4] a p a p o [ut6]||u o|[ut8]| |u|[te4]|u| |t|y|u|[pg2] f [pg]|f d [pf6] d [pf]|s|[of1] d [of]|s|[tp4]| |s|d|f|[g4] f g|f d [f8] d f|s|[f3] d f|s|[p6]| |jfspoutew08653176

    Level: 7
    Length: 03:10
    When The Party’s Over

    Billie Eilish

  • 3[657]7[246]3[233]3[503]7[1136]3[225]7[175]3[433]7[1088]o[287]p[1673]p[528]a[993]o[1311]p[263]o[704]u[2976]0[1544]p[1624]o[272]p[481]a[1392]0[1200]p[288]o[312]a[944]0[1864]o[2208]p[256]o[256]p[536]a[824]0[896]p[248]o[240]p[360]a[752]0[656]p[264]o[320]u[536]0[3408]0[360]p[424]o[304]a[408]0[2064]p[344]o[280]u[512]0[808]p[224]o[240]a[256]p[888]p[600]o[200]a[216]p[336]0[864]p[249]o[271]u[624]p[312]o[304]u[744]0[696]p[208]o[232]u[248]0[496]p[256]o[208]p[288]a[328]0[2880]p[272]o[320]a[1168]0[896]o[313]i[279]u[336]j[752]0[1464]p[280]o[272]p[280]o[968]0[744]p[224]o[272]p[168]p[272]o[248]p[200]o[216]p[264]o[257]p[535]0[1432]p[272]o[576]p[376]a[640]0[800]p[256]o[520]p[760]a[489]s[407]0[4296]o[712]p[320]o[336]p[320]o[264]p[328]0[1560]a[240]p[216]o[288]0[1256]a[176]p[216]o[216]0[752]a[264]p[192]o[296]0[816]a[176]p[224]o[208]0[1056]a[216]p[216]o[192]0[1720]p[192]o[456]p[200]a[384]0[832]p[232]o[216]a[16]w[496]0

    Level: 6
    Length: 01:10
    Copycat (Alternative)

    Billie Eilish


  • ipspipspipspipspipspipspipspipsp[y9]ipiyip[i9][qi]pspip[s8]p[y9]ipiyi[p8][i9][qi]pspi[wp][sq]p[y9]i[pg][ih][yg]i[pd][ig9][qig][ph][sg][sp]ip[s8]p[y9]i[pg][ih][yg]i[pd8][si9][sqi][pg]spi[wp][sq]p[y9]i[pg][ih][yg]i[pf8][id9][sqi][pd]spi[wp][s8]p[^PE]yiyEy[i8][y9][E9]yiy[t8][wu][qo][u0][y9]i[pg8][ih9][yqg]i[pd][ig9][qig][ph9][sg8][sp]ip[s6][p8][y8][i9][pg][ih][yg][i9][qpd][wsi][sqi][pg8]sp[i8][p^][s6][p5][y4]i[pg][ih][yg]i[qpf][qid][sqi][pd8]spi[qp][s8]p[^PE]yiyEy[i8][y9][E9]yiy[th8][wug][qof][ug0][yd9]ipiyip[i9][yq]ipiyi[p8]i[t8]uoutuo[u9][t0]uoutu[o9][u8][y9]i[pd]i[yf]i[pg][i9][yq]i[pd][if][yg]i[pf8][id][tsf8][ug][oh]utuo[u9][t0]uoutu[o9][u8]yi[pd]i[yf]i[pd]i[yg]ipi[yf]i[pd]i[ts][uo][so][ud][ts]uoutuoutu[so]u[yd]ipiyipiyipi[yd]i[pf]i[tshf]uoutuoutuou[tp][us][od][us][yd9]i[pg8][ih9][yqg]i[pd][ig9][qig][ph9][sg8][sp]ip[s6][p8][y8][i9][pg][ih][yg][i9][qpd][wsi][sqi][pg8]sp[i8][p^][s6][p5][y4]i[pg][ih][yg]i[qpf][qid][sqi][pd8]spi[qp][s8]p[^PE]yiyEy[i8][y9][E9]yiy[h8][wg][qof][g0][y9]i[pg8][id9][yqd]i[sp][id9][qig][ph9][sg8]pi[tsi][yod][pig6][yod8][tsi][y8][i9][pg][id][yg][ih9][qpg][wi][qig][p8]sp[i8][tsi^][yod][pig6][yod5][tsi][yqg][ig][pg][id][yg][ih][qpg][qih][qig][p8]s[pd][si][tsqi][yod][pig8][yod][tsi][d^E]yiyEy[i8][y9][E9]yiy[t8][wu][qo][u0][i9]pspipspipspipspipspipspipspipsp[y9]ipiyip[i9][qi]pspip[s8]p[y9]ipiyi[p8][i9][qi]pspi[wp][sq]p[y9]i[pg][ih][yg]i[pd][ig9][qig][ph][sg][sp]ip[s8]p[y9]i[pg][ih][yg]i[pd8][si9][sqi][pg]spi[wp][sq]p[y9]i[pg][ih][yg]i[pf8][id9][sqi][pd]spi[wp][s8]p[^PE]yiyEy[i8][y9][E9]yiy[t8][wu][qo][u0][y9]i[pg8][ih9][yqg]i[pd][ig9][qig][ph9][sg8][sp]ip[s6][p8][y8][i9][pg][ih][yg][i9][qpd][wsi][sqi][pg8]sp[i8][p^][s6][p5][y4]i[pg][ih][yg]i[qpf][qid][sqi][pd8]spi[qp][s8]p[^PE]yiyEy[i8][y9][E9]yiy[th8][wug][qof][ug0][yd9]ipiyip[i9][yq]ipiyi[p8]i[t8]uoutuo[u9][t0]uoutu[o9][u8][y9]i[pd]i[yf]i[pg][i9][yq]i[pd][if][yg]i[pf8][id][tsf8][ug][oh]utuo[u9][t0]uoutu[o9][u8]yi[pd]i[yf]i[pd]i[yg]ipi[yf]i[pd]i[ts][uo][so][ud][ts]uoutuoutu[so]u[yd]ipiyipiyipi[yd]i[pf]i[tshf]uoutuoutuou[tp][us][od][us][yd9]i[pg8][ih9][yqg]i[pd][ig9][qig][ph9][sg8][sp]ip[s6][p8][y8][i9][pg][ih][yg][i9][qpd][wsi][sqi][pg8]sp[i8][p^][s6][p5][y4]i[pg][ih][yg]i[qpf][qid][sqi][pd8]spi[qp][s8]p[^PE]yiyEy[i8][y9][E9]yiy[h8][wg][qof][g0][y9]i[pg8][id9][yqd]i[sp][id9][qig][ph9][sg8]pi[tsi][yod][pig6][yod8][tsi][y8][i9][pg][id][yg][ih9][qpg][wi][qig][p8]sp[i8][tsi^][yod][pig6][yod5][tsi][yqg][ig][pg][id][yg][ih][qpg][qih][qig][p8]s[pd][si][tsqi][yod][pig8][yod][tsi][d^E]yiyEy[i8][y9][E9]yiy[t8][wu][qo][u0][y9]

    Level: 5
    Length: 03:00
    Snowdrifts Billowing (Wynncraft)


  • [iO] [gH] [Sg] [Ip] [sD] [Sg] [sD] |
    [iO] [PS] [sD] [PS] g S [YI] [Os] [PS] [Os] |
    [TYI] P s P D P [tYIO] P O [ETY] I O I |
    [Yeti] [WET] i I i P i [QY] i Y [qWE] T Y T [(QWt] % |
    ! [qW] [iO] [gH] [Sg] |
    $ [QETIPD] g D [4] [qWTOS] [YD] [iTOSH] [WTSig] $ [QETIPD] g D S % [qrTOS] [YD] [rigPJ] [OH] [ig] | ^ [qiEYPD] g D [TS] P @ [IPJigc] [YIPDJZ] [YIPDJZ] [YIPDJZ] [TIPSJL] [TIPSJL] [TIPSJL] [IPGJtsl] [IPGJtsl] [IPGJtsl] [TIPSJL] [ETIPGJ] | [@^] [IPJigc] [IPDGJC] [IPJigc] [YIPDJZ] [IPJigc] [YIPDJZ] [TIPSJL] [YIPDJZ] [TIPSJL] [IPJtsl] [TIPSJL] [EYIPGJ] | % [QIG] [tWYODH] [tsl] [EYIPGJ] [QIG] 6 [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsWYODH] [tsQIDG] | ^ [QETISG] [WOH] [TSL] [ETIPGJ] [QIG] [18] [QEYIPDG] [QEYIPDG] [QEYIPDG] [QEYIPDG] [tisgWOH] [QEYIPDG] [!] [QETIPSG] [WOH] [YDZ] [TIPSGJL] [EIPGJ]
    [i!O] %qWT48qWti [%Oa] 0Wr [uS] O [i!O] %qWT48qWti [%Oa] 0WrOu
    [i!S] %q [WOD] T [Sig] OiTWq [iWS] q% [Sg] % [@Dh] ^ [(Sg] w [EPS] Y [oPS] Y [Ei] w [(T] ^ [@T] ^ ( [wE] ( ^ [%P] (QEtI$QETI [4s] 8qW [Otg] i [%P] (QEtI$QETI [4s] 8qW [Otg] i [@G] ^ (QEYI IP [ig] IP [yd] IP [YD] [IP] [yJ] IPPGJYIPPGJ [tWH] uOsfH [gH] WTiOS [qW] tiOsg [WHrk] uOa [fL] H [gH] WTiOS [qW] tiOsg [WHrk] uOa Hf
    [rTL] uO [aS] Hf [Tux] Oa [Sf] LH [uOV] aS [fH] x k
    [OV] pSHLj [IC] pSGLjIpSGLj [uC] IpGLj [YI] pSGLj [Tub] pSfL
    [rG] YIISpeTuISp [Wj] Tup [fL] j
    [QLx] T [ukZ] I [pjL] S [Hfk] Gf [SGj] pIuI [ufH] T [eDG] Q
    [$Sf] [0aD] Q [epS] T [Oua] T [Iep] Q [0uO] [$e] [$YI] [$Tu] *
    [%QTY] (%( [%W] ( [%E] (%( [%T] ( [t%YI] (%( [%YIP] (
    [%QTY] (%( [%W] ( [%E] (%( [%T] ( [t%YI] (%( [%YIP] (
    [%T] @ [%Osg] ( [%IPD] ( [WTIP] ( [WE] Y [WT] ( [WEIO] ( [%t] ( [%Y] @
    [%TIP] @ [%Osg] ( [%IPD] ( [WTIP] ( [WE] Y [WT] ( [WEIO] ( [Wt] ( [WY] (
    [QTD] YIP [WI] YEYIP [TI] Y [tG] YIP [sJ] D
    [QTD] YIP [WI] YEYIP [TI] Y [tG] YIP [sJ] D
    Ip SDG j [IL] p SDGk [IZ] p SDGj
    iO sgHl [cV] [ic] ip [slZ] D [Lgc] j [lZ] i |
    iO PS [glZ] H [JL] [Lc] i [JL] YI [OHl] s [DJL] G [Hl] Y |
    TY [IGJ] P [SHl] D [GJ] Z [tJ] YiO [sgH] J H
    8Q [EDG] t [gYH] I [PDG] [Yqtpg] |
    WE [TSg] i [ODG] P [Sg] J g [QETYSD] g D
    qW [EPS] T [isD] O [PS] [(QOts] %
    ! [qW] [iO] [rgH] [Sg] $ [QETIPD] g D |
    % [qWTOS] [YD] [rigTOH] [TSig] ^ [qiEYPD] g D [TS] |
    4 [WT] Y [iTP] [WTi] @ [ETI] O [(IPS] [TYIP] |
    % [tIP] ( s [sgOH] [tWIO] |
    [%Oa] 0WruI [uOS] WTiOSqtiOsgWTiOS
    qtiOsg [WHk] ruOafL [WHk] ruOafL [%x] |
    [!c] %*q WTi O S g H L [TOSg] [HJcV]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:00
    Clair De Lune

    Claude Debussy

  • [wt8] s a [wts]|o [wti] u [wt8] s a [wts]|o [wti] u [t60] s a [se0]|o [ie0] u [t60] s a [se0]|o [ie0] u [t95] s a [ws9]|o [wi9] u [t95] s a [ws9]|o [wi9] u [t84] s a [ws8]|o [wi8] u [t84]||u u y u [w8]| [wt]| [wt]| [w8]| [wt] u u [ywt] u [60]|t [te0]| [e0]| [60]| [e0] t t [ye0] r [95]| [wu9]| [wi9] u [95] t|[w9]| [w9]| [84]| [w8]| [w8]| [84]| [w8] u u [yw8] u [51]|t [t85]| [85]| [51]|t [t85] u u [y85] u 6| [te0]| [te0]| 6| [e0] t t [ye0] r 5| [wt9]| [w9]| [i5] u|[yw9] t t [w9] y [u4] y t [w8]| [w8]|4||| 6 t t [te0] t t [te0] y [u4] u|[w8]| [w8]| [81] t t [wt0] t t [wt0] y [u5] u|[w9]| [wt9] o 6 u u [ye0] y t [te0] o 4 u u [yw8] y t [wt8] o [81] u u [yw0] y t [wt0] r 5| [w9]|s s d [sf81]| [w0] o|[w0]| [sf81] [sf] [sf] [wsg0] s [sf] [wsd0] s [sf5]| [w9] d|[w9]| [fa5] [fa] [fa] [wga9] a [fa] [wda9] s [sf6]| [e0] d|[e0]| [sf6] [sf] [sf] [sge0] s [sf] [sed0] s [s4]| [w8]| [w8]| [s4] s s a s s|s [81] s a [ws0]|o [wi0] u [81] s a [ws0] u u y u [w8]| [wt]| [wt]| [w8]| [wt] u u [ywt] u [60]|t [te0]| [e0]| [60]| [e0] t t [ye0] r [95]| [wu9]| [wi9] u [95] t|[w9]| [w9]| [84]| [w8]| [w8]| [84]|t [wt8] u u [yw8] u [81]| [wt0]| [wt0]| [t81] t t [wt0] u u [yw0] u 6 t|[e0]| [e0]| 6| [e0] t t [ye0] r 5|r [t95]|w [w95]| [i5] u|[yw9]tt y[wu9]| 4 yt [w8]| [w8]| 4| [w8]| [w8]| 6 t t [te0] t t [te0] y [u4] u|[w8]| [w8]| [81] t t [wt0] t t [wt0] y [u5] u|[w9]| [wt9] o 6 u u [ye0] y t [te0] o 4 u u [yw8] y t [wt8] o [81] u u [yw0] y t [wt0] r 5| [w9]|s s d [sf81]| [w0] o|[w0]| [sf81] [sf] [sf] [wsg0] s [sf] [wsd0] d [sf5]| [w9] d|[w9]| [fa5] [fa] [fa] [wga9] a [fa] [wda9] s [sf6]| [e0] d|[e0]| [sf6] [sf] [sf] [sge0] s [sf] [sed0] s 4| [w8]| [w8]| 4| [w8]|s s d [sf81]| [w0] o|[w0]| [sf81] [sf] [sf] [wsg0] s [sf] [wsd0] d [sf5]| [w9] d|[w9]| [fa5] [fa] [fa] [wga9] a [fa] [wda9] s [sf6]| [e0] d|[e0]| [sf6] [sf] [sf] [sge0] s [sf] [sed0] s 4| [w8]| [w8]| [s4] s|[wa8]|s [w8] s 6| [e0]| [e0]| [s6] s|[ea0]|s [e0] s 4| [w8]| [w8]| [d4] f|[wd8] df [w8] f [f81] ds [w0]| [w0]| [s81] s|[wa0] aas [w0] o 5| [ws9] s|[w9] d 5| [w9]|s [ws9] d [f81]| [w0] o o [wo0] o [sf81] [sf] [sf] [wsg0] s [sf] [wsd0] d [sf5]| [w9] d|[w9]| [fa5] [fa] [fa] [wga9] a [fa] [wda9] s [sf6]| [e0] d|[e0]| [sf6] [sf] [sf] [sge0] s [sf] [sed0] s 4| [w8]| [w8]| 5| [w9]|s s d [sf81]| [w0] o|[w0]| [sf81] [sf] [sf] [wsg0] s [sf] [wsd0] d [sf5]| [w9] d|[w9]| [fa5] [fa] [fa] [wga9] a [fa] [wda9] s [sf6]| [e0] d|[e0]| [sf6] [sf] [sf] [sge0] s [sf] [sed0] s [s84]| [w8]| [wd8]| [84]| [wt8] t t [wu8] u [w8]||| [wu8] u u i|u y t [u5]| [w9] y|[w9]| [u5] u u [wi9]|u [yw9] t [u60]| [e0] y|[e0]| [u60] u u [ie0]|u [ye0] t [t60]| [e0]| [e0]| [tq84] t|r t t|t
    Level: 6
    Length: 04:15

    Ed Sheeran