Light Of The Seven (Game Of Thrones)

Ramin Djawadi 10 September 2020

t o D o D o t o | q t O t O t q t | t o D o D o t o t
t o D o D o t o | q t O t O t q t | t o D o D o t o t
[8ws] s [s48] P O o [8ws] s [8ws]
[8ws] s [579s] a p o [s59] [s26] [s48]
[8ws] s [s89] P O o [59s] s [8ws]
[s48] s [s458] a [p257] o [s15]

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    Level: 6
    Length: 01:38
    Game of Thrones Title Sequence (Alternative)

    Ramin Djawadi

  • [s8] w [tsh] w [sh8] w [tg] [wD] [h^] q E q ^ q E q [s%] ( [shW] ( [sh%] ( [gW] [D(] [sh^] q E q [^H] q [JE] q [l%] ( W t Y O s D H|||[tsoY1] @ [oh5] 8 [oh1] @ [ig5] [YD8] [[email protected]] 5 ^ ( @ 5 ^ ( [sigO4] % [oh8] q [OH4] % [oh8] [qOH] [ohdP5] ^ 9 w [ig5] ^ [YD9] [ywd] [ts1] @ 5 8 1 @ 5 8 1 @ 5 8 ( w t|w|W E t|w|W E t|w|W E 8(wt

    Level: 7
    Length: 00:50
    I Have To Go North (Game of Thrones)

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  • 5||5 9 ( 9|5|||[@8]|@| |^| |[8%]|||5||w y Y y|w|||[[email protected]]|(| |9qE||[(%]Wt|||[t1] 5 [ti8] 5 [tY1] 5 [y8] 5 [t^] 4 ^ 4 [^E] 4 ^ 4 [E%] @ % @ % [[email protected]] [E%] [[email protected]] [t^] 4 ^ 4 [^Y] 4 [y^] 4 [t1] 5 [ti8] 5 [tY1] 5 [y8] 5 [t^] 4 ^ 4 [^P] 4 ^ 4 [g%] @ % @ [D%] @ % @ [h^] 4 ^ 4 [g^] 4 ^ 4

    Level: 5
    Length: 00:52
    My Watch is Ended (Game of Thrones)

    Ramin Djawadi

  • j z j [ig]Pd||[oh]sf||[ji]ps| |j z j [zi]Pd||[xo]sf|zx[pc]dg| |j z x [ic]Pd cvc[xo]sf l|[pl]sf j|[zi]Pd||[ji]Pd J|[tg]uo f|[yd]ip| |e y e [q^4]| |[w851]| |[qe84]| |o p u [t63]| |[y^4]| |[u851]| |e y e [i^4]| |[u851]| |[u63]| |[y^4]|||y t y|E|[e6]| |[pj] [zd] [pj] [pigd92]qey9qey[oh8]0wt80wt[qpj]etiqetiqe[tpj]i[zqd]e[tpj]i[zd^]9qE^9qE[xf8]0wt80wt[gc9]qey9qey9q[pje]y[zqd]e[tpj]i[zg^P]9qE^9qE[slh8]0wt80wt[slf6]80e680e[pj^]9qE^9qE[pj^]24^[PJ]|[ig1]358[uf]|[yd2]469qeyipdgjz|[yj]zicpdyipdyipd[yx]ipd[tj]lucostuostuos[zt]uos[JE]zyciPEyiPEyiP[LE]yiP[tf]huzostuos[tl]uostuos|||e y e [qd]|j|[wj] hjh g [je]| |e y e [yd]|j|[uj] hjh g [id]| |p d p [qd]| |[wf]| |[ed]|||[qp]Ey P|[i8]0w u|[y9]qe||e|E t y

    Level: 8
    Length: 03:20
    Truth (Game of Thrones)

    Ramin Djawadi

  • pg pf p g h f | p h g f d f |
    jj Jh ss j J h | d J j h g f |
    pg pf pp g h f | p h g f d f |
    s j J h s j J h d J j h g d |
    p fgd g gfp | p fgd g gf |
    p fgd j j h d | fg df s d |
    p fgd j j h d fg djhfgd

    Level: 1
    Length: 01:40
    Super Easy
    The Rains of Castamere (Game of Thrones) (Super Easy)

    Ramin Djawadi


  • Tuo[O*][W0] *[W0][T][uW0]o[O][W0]S[O][W0][S][WO0]u[o(][wE]|[wE] [wE] [eQ][eQ] [wE] ETu[I(][eQ] ([eQ][E(][eTQ]u[I(][eQ]u[t(][eQ][Y(][teQ]WT* 7 7 5 5% Tuo[O][W0] [W0][T][uW0]o[O][W0]S[O][W0][S][WO0]u[o(][wE]|[wE] [wE] [eQ][eQ] [wE] ETu[I(][eQ] ([eQ][E(][eTQ]u[I(][eQ]u[t(][eQ][Y(][teQ]WT[!] [*!]7 7 5 5% OSD[f%] * 0f[D]fDS[s%] [^S]D7O8 [f] [S0]fQ [kW][QJ]|0 (J[k*]J[j6] * 0j[jQ][kW]HGHGwfQf[G(] [H0] [QD] [aW]O[a0][QD]S[QO][p*]PQO[S0]D[f%] * 0f[D]fDS[s%] [^S]D7O8 [f] [S0]fQ [kW][QJ]|0 (J[k*]J[j6] * 0j[jQ][kW]HGHGwfQf[G(] [H%] H H H [WSO]fk

    Level: 6
    Length: 00:49
    Lancer (Deltarune)

    Toby Fox

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    Level: 6
    Length: 01:55
    X-2 Main Theme (Final Fantasy)

    Noriko Matsueda

  • [aW] Pa [SQ] a S [rOD0] S a [QP] QaPQ[aW] YPaY[SQ] aT[SI] [OD0] [aH]r[uPG]r[SQI] DI[aT] [aW] YPaY[SQ] aI[TS] [D0] Su[ra] [P(] EOIY[aW] YPaY[SQ] [aI] [TS] [OD0] Hu[rG] [SQP] DQ[a$] [aY%] WP[aW]([SI$] [aQ] [SQ]*[OD3] S0[a7] [TP$] *[aQ][PE] [aY%] (P[aW]([SI$] [aQ][S$] [OD3] [aH]0[PG7] [SQI$] DQ[aY]$[aY%] W[TP(][aY%] [SI$] Qa[TS] [aOD3] S0[a7] [[email protected]] ^[O][QI] [uaO30] 0[P7][a0] [SQI$] [a]Q[P$] [ua30] 0[P7][a0] [SQ$] [a]Q[P$] [aYW%] W[WP][a(] [SQ$] [a*]QS [ID3] [S7]0[ra] [TP$] *[aQ][PE] [aY%] ([WP][aW]([SI$] [aQ][S$][OD30] [aH0]7[PG0] [SQI$] [D]Q[raY] [aYW%] ([WTP][aYW]([SQI$] [aQ][S$] [D30] [S0]7[a0] [QP$] Q[QO][I] [a30] 0[P7][a0] [SQ$] [aQ]QP[a30] 0[P7][a0] [SQ$] [aQ] [P*] [H!] GSGk

    Level: 7
    Length: 00:55
    The First Layer (Made in Abyss)

    Kevin Penkin