The Hero (One-Punch Man)

JAM Project 16 December 2020

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About This Music Sheet

The Hero (One-Punch Man) is a song by JAM Project. Use your computer keyboard to play The Hero (One-Punch Man) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Expert song and aimed at advanced users. If you're not an advanced user, you can still load this song and press auto-play to enjoy the music. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 05:43, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Nova Nine. The song The Hero (One-Punch Man) is classified in the genres: Manga, Japan on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime, Virtual Piano Comp.


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    Level: 5
    Length: 02:17
    Tears of the Sea (Nagi no Asukara)

    Yoshiaki Dewa

  • ^ qEy|^ qEY|^ qEi|^ qEY|^ qEy|^ qEY|^ qEi|qEY|E [y^] [qE] Y [i^] [QE] P [^O] [WE] I [i^] [QE]| [^T] [qE] i [t%] [W(] Y [E$] [Q]| 4 [q] W [E$] [Q]iI [O4] [tW]Ii [Y$] [QE] s [O4] [qW] i [O@] [QE]Pi [O4] [tW]Pi [Y$] [QE] O [i4] [qe] E [y^] [qE] Y [i^] [QE] P [^O] [WE] I [i^] [QE]| [^T] [qE] i [YO4] [tW] i [YP$] q Q W| q $ [TQPIE] [SP] [sO4] [tYW]Oi [iP$] [iTE] [gS] [sO4] [qE] t [YO@] [TQE] P [sO4] [tYW]Ss [iP$] [siTOE] [SP] [PD5] [wYE]| [si4] [qie]| [sg4] [teY]| [tqig]jlc| [q4] [sig] [gPJ][sl][g^SLJ]qE[slT][PJE]q[s^OHD]q[igW]t[YWD]q[YPID$]q[WTS][qOH][sigO%]qWq[iPE$]q[tsW][qTS][YPD4]8[pe(]q[YD(]8[SIG4]^[qig][YD]^[sig4]8([sqig][gPJ(][sl8][gSLJ$]Q[slE][SQL][ZJGD%]([WOH]t[ZWD]([LJGC4]^[gcQ][ZD]^[SLG$]q Et[TE$](Yi [tW4]^8| [QE$]( i [tW%][sig(]q[gPJ(][sl][g^SLJ]qE[slT][PJE]q[s^OHD]q[igW]t[YWD]q[YPID$]q[WTS][qOH][sigO%]qWq[iTPE$]q[tsW][qTS][YPID4]8[pe(]q[YD(]8[SPIG4]^[qig][YD]^[sigO4]8([sqig][gPJ(][sl8][gSLJ$]Q[slE][SQL][ZJGD%]([WOH]t[ZWD]([LJGC4]^[gcQ][ZD]^[gSLH%]q [ZVH] [^SLG]qEq$[gPJ(]q[lgc(]*[slg%]8(W(8[OHD%] [tiZWJD] [tiW][SLG][slg^] [ygPJE]| ^ [qYE]| ^ [qiE]| ^ [qYE]| ^ [yqE]| ^ [qYE]| ^ [qiE]| [qYE]| [yqE]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:18
    Isabella’s Lullaby (The Promised Neverland)

    Takahiro Obata

  • [piye962]|||[i]||[i]||[iw8]||[o ut][t u o]||[iyE^]|||[pyi] [pyiE]||[iyE] [i6]||[u0]|| [j L x b]||||[i2]||[u][y][e]| [e] [y] [i] [u1][o]||[w t u o]||[ot4] [i] [o][it][p]| [o] [i] [u1][t][o]||[u][u2] [y ]|[9 q y]|||[e y u i]| [u y e]| [y][i] [u1] [t][o]|||[ot] [i4] [o][p]| [o][i] [u t1][i] [u][u2] [y]|||[i] [u] [y^] [q] [E] [q][Ey] [q] [t] [e4][8][q][w][e][t][y] [i] [u^] [y9] [q] [E][yq][9][t][q][o4][8][t][i o q p w][p e] [t] [i] [o] [y i o][p] [9] [q] [e] [y] [o] [i] [u] [8] [0] [w] [o] [t] [8] [uw]| [u][y] [e]|||[e y i2]| [u y e]| [y] [i] [u1][i][o]|| [ot][it4] [o][p]| [o][i][u] [t1][i][o]| [u] [t] [u2][y]|||[y] [ye]||[u] [e y u i]| [u][y][e]| [y] [u i u1] [i][o]| [t u][out] [ot] [ot] [it4][o p]| [o] [i] [u t1][o]| [u t] [t u2] [y] [2][2]||[2 ]|[2] [2]| [2][g] [f ] [i P ^ d] [q][E][E][dy][i][sy][E] [p4] [8][q][w][e][t] [g] [f] [d^][q][E][d][iPE][d][y][E][s][h4][8][8][qj] [e] [t] [i] [g] [t][h i][s g h][jy][i][p][d] [hp] [i] [gp][fi][ft][u][ho] [s] [o] [u] [fo]|[f2] [d] [dp]||[o]||[p2][p][p][fg][f][d][d f][d][s][d][s][o][p][p][p][f g][f][d][d f][d][s][d][s][p][s1][s][s][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][d f][s][s][s][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][f][g4][g][g][g][f][g][g h][g][g][g][f][d][f1][f][f][fs][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][s][d2][d][d][d][p][d][p][d f][g][f][d][f][d][s][p s d][d][d][d][d][d][d f g][f][d][f][d][s][p][p][p][f g][f][d][d f][d][s][d][s][o][p][p][p][f g][f][d][d f][d][s][d][s][p][s1][s][s][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][f][s][s][s][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][f][f4][g][g][g][g][f][g][g h][g][g][g][f][d1][f][f1][f][f][d][f][f h][f][f][f][d][s][d2][d][d][dp][d][d][p f g][f][d][f][d][s][dp][dp][dp][dp][d][dp][f g][f][d][f][d][s][p2][p][p][gy9][f][d][fp2][d][s][dpe9][s][p2][p][p][p][f g][f][d][f2][d][se9][d][s][p][1s][s][s][fw8][d][f][ht8][f][f][fsw][d][f][s1][s][s][f8][d][f][htw][f][f][fw8][d][f][f4][g][g][gq][f][g][hq][g][gi][g][f][d][d1f][f][f][f 8][d][f][ft][g][f][f][fw][d][s][d2][d][d][d][f][f][f9][g][f] [d] [fy] [d] [s] [d9] [e] [y][e][y][e] [i2] [2] [iye9] [9] [u][y][e2] [9] [iye92] [92] [i][u1][i][o][out81] [out][out1] [out8][outw8] [w ot0][ot] [it4][o p][pitq84][pitq84] [otq84] [i][ut1][i ot] [w08] [outw08] [ut] [ut2] [y]|[2] [2]|[2]|[2]| [2] [2]|[2] [ye] [ye] [e y i2] [2]|[2] [u y e] [2] [y] [i][u1][o][out81] [out1][1] [u1][ou][1][8] [1] [8 ot] [ot] [it4][o][p][i] [ptq84] [pitq84] [q] [t] [ot8] [i] [ut1][ot][out8] [outw08] [08][u 0] [ut] [ut2][y] [ye] [ye] [2] [6] [9] [0] [q] [y] [e] [z] [e] [c][x] [z^] [q] [E] [E] [gy] [i] [z] [P] [d] [l] [jq] [t] [i] [j] [o] [p] [c][c][x][zE] [y] [i] [dP] [g] [J] [E] [z] [i] [l] [y][l][vq][t][bli] [o][blp] [zo] [c][v][z][c v y][b][i] [p] [d f g j][z] [c v] [b] [c] [t] [x] [o] [cs] [x c x c x c x][zs] [o] [l] [2]|[zj]|||[p][p][p][f][g2][f][d][d][f][d][s][d3][s][o][p][p][p][f2][g][f][d][d][f][d][s][d2][s][p1][s][s][s][f][d][f][f1][h][f][d][d][f][d][f][s][s][s][f1][d][f][d][f][h][f][f][f1][d][f][g][g][g][g4][f][g][h][g][g][g4][f][d][f][f][s][f][fs1][d][f][f][h][f][f][f1][d][s][d][d][d][p2][d][dp][d][fp][g][f][d][f2][d][s][p][d][d][d][dp2][d][p][dp][f][g][f][d][f2][d][s][p][p][p][f2][g][f][d][d][f][d][s][d2][s][p][p][p][p][f2][g][f][d][d][f][d][s][d2][s][p][p][p][p][f2][g][f][d][d][f][d][s][d][s][p][s][s][s][f1][d][f][f][h][f][f][f1][d][f][s][s][s][f1][d][f][f][h][f][f][f1][d][f][gf][g][g][g4][f][g][fgh][g][g][g4][f][d][f][f][f][s][fs1][d][f][s][h][8][f][f][fst][d][s][s9] [e] [y] [u] [i] [d] [f][g] [z] [x] [c]

    Level: 6
    Length: 04:30
    Promentory (The Last of the Mohicans)

    Dougie MacLean