Top 10 Remote Learning Tools

Top 10 Remote Learning Tools

Our selection of remote learning tools and Virtual Piano features to assist with distance education and e-learning

Remote Learning Tools For Parents and Teachers

Virtual Piano provides you with a list of the top 10 remote learning tools for music education. Teachers can discover the best virtual learning environments and remote learning activities - all free of charge. However, there is also an ad-free premium membership option. These tools will help you create remote learning activities for students. Virtual Piano provides the bridge between complex music theory and students eager to learn in a practical way. Virtual Piano can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile with ease. Discover how to best make use of the platform in this list of the top 10 remote learning tools for parents and teachers alike.

1. Virtual Instruments

Explore 14 different virtual instruments

Explore 14 different virtual instruments from around the world. You don't need to download or install anything, just select the instrument from the 'Sound' menu on the main piano home screen. There are 3 beautiful, high-quality pianos. You can choose from a Classical Piano, a Grand Classical Piano and an Upright Piano. There are also 11 other instruments including an online Harp, Classical Guitar, Organ, Violin, Glockenspiel and Pan Flute. Get students to choose their favourite instrument and hear how they sound when playing different songs.

2. Key Assist - Note Display

Show the musical notation C#, D#, F#

Virtual Piano offers a variety of key assist modes to help with learning to play the piano. From the 'Key Assist' menu on the main piano home screen, you can select 'Keyboard Keys' to display the computer keyboard letters on top of the piano. These letters correspond to the letters of the Virtual Piano Music Sheets. To show the musical notes, press 'Note Labels' to display these on the piano keys e.g C#, D# etc. You can use this to help with learning music theory online.

3. Key Assist - Highlight Keys

Highlight the piano keys on the piano

To further assist with learning to play the piano, Virtual Piano provides a key highlight option. This highlights the key to be played next when playing a song. To activate this feature, click on ‘Key Assist’ and then ‘Highlight Keys.’ This feature is particularly helpful for visual learners or touch typers.

4. Key Assist - Highlight Keyboard

Display a keyboard learning aid beneath the piano

For complete beginners or those new to Virtual Piano, the keyboard highlight option displays a computer keyboard below the piano with a hand that indicates which key to play. This will display and move from note to note to guide the player to the correct note to play next. To activate this feature, click on 'Key Assist' and then 'Highlight Keyboard.' (Note that this feature is not available on mobiles or tablets).

5. Virtual Piano Game

Play verified songs and get a score based on rhythm and accuracy

The Virtual Piano game is a great way to learn and play at the same time. Students can select a Verified song (symbolised with a tick) and try and play it in the correct time and with as few errors as possible. When the song ends, a score will be displayed on the screen along with an evaluation message. It’s a great remote learning tool and activity for students to enjoy.

6. Metronome

Learn how to keep to a steady rhythm in beats per minute

Virtual Pianists can keep to the rhythm of a song through the metronome feature in beats per minute (bpm). Available on the main menu of the piano, the exact rhythm can be set from 40 bpm all the way to 218 bpm. Using the metronome feature helps students learn how to keep to a regular beat and maintain tempo.

7. MIDI Connection

Easily connect a keyboard or digital piano to Virtual Piano

Easily connect a keyboard or piano to Virtual Piano on your computer using a MIDI connection. All you need is a USB cable and to open Virtual Piano in a chrome browser. To activate this feature, open Virtual Piano on Chrome and click on ‘Select MIDI device’ from the 'Sound' menu to connect. For full instructions see the FAQs section.

8. Record an MP3 Sound File

Record and download a sound file of what you play on Virtual Piano

Record is one of the most popular remote learning tools on Virtual Piano. Students can record MP3 files to share with teachers as part of an assessment and teachers can use it to track progress. Set a task for students to experiment with a different instrument or a song with sustain set on +12 and record it! All users can record up to 30 seconds and Virtual Piano Plus members can record up to 5 minutes.

9. Song Levels 1 - 10

Select the song level to suit your students

Virtual Piano has its own library of music sheets that range in difficulty from level 1 (Super Easy) to level 10 (Expert). For absolute beginners or for children in Primary School or First Grade, songs in the Super Easy and Easy categories will be most suitable. After that, as students progress or if you have students that are more advanced, they can attempt more complex songs tagged as Intermediate and Expert (Levels 5 - 10). You may also wish to browse the Kids and Nursery Rhyme song categories.

10. Auto Play Songs

Let Virtual Piano play the song to learn how it sounds

The Auto Play feature on Virtual Piano plays songs automatically. Use it to demonstrate how a song should sound as part of online learning. This can be used repeatedly during the learning process and can be paused or restarted as required.

These are the top 10 remote learning tools that we recommend but there are many more to discover on Virtual Piano!

If you're a teacher or a parent who is homeschooling and you enjoy Virtual Piano, then you'll love Virtual Piano Plus. Access a faster engine, additional features and a richer experience with our premium membership. Members can create music sheets, customise the piano, save their settings, record mp3 files and get a global rating. Above all, members use the platform ad-free, are granted permission to use it for commercial purposes and compete in leagues, as well as analyse and improve their performances. All this, for just $48 USD per year.

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