Virtual Piano For Schools

Virtual Piano For Schools

Virtual Piano for schools, students and teachers - the best free online keyboard for remote learning and distance education. Engage students with interactive and fun music lessons. Make home schooling exciting and fun!

Virtual Piano for schools, music teachers and parents engaging in homeschooling or e-learning.

Virtual piano for schools provides children with access to virtual instruments that can be played instantly. Kids enjoy making music directly from a computer, tablet or smartphone. This interactive platform is being used by millions of students as a learning platform in schools all over the world.

Improvise & Compose Music

Using Virtual Piano for music lessons - students get creative and compose music of their own (Key Stage 2).

Lochnorris Primary School

East Ayrshire, Scotland

Play & Perform

Primary school students performing during an online piano lesson with music legend Jamie Cullum (Key Stage 2).

William Law Primary School

Cambridgeshire, UK

Remote Learning

Teacher Mr. Erdoğan set a task for his class to explore Virtual Piano during one of their weekly lessons. Students played some easy songs including Mary Had A Little Lamb and Do, Re, Mi, as well as a C Major scale if they were able.

The student's final task was to create a video of what they had learnt on Virtual Piano and to send it back to their teacher for review. Above all, the most important task set was for the students to explore the platform and have fun!

International School

Hong Kong, China

When it comes to online learning, Mr. Erdoğan knows his stuff. Using interactive learning tools boosts student productivity, overall engagement with the lesson and improves learning outcomes.

Music and Movement

Miss Sarah shares her top tip for music and movement Mondays with the Innisfil Ideas Lab community.

She recommends using Virtual Piano for practice and to play popular songs. Demonstrating the popular folk tune Yankee Doodle - top marks! 

Innisfil ideaLAB & Library

Innisfil, Canada

Star Wars Challenge - #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Two schools in Scotland decided to mark international Star Wars Day with a musical challenge for students. The schools set the task of playing the main Star Wars theme on Virtual Piano. The lesson worksheet included the musical notation for the famous film tune as well as a keyboard map, to help them identify the correct notes on Virtual Piano. Students engaged in online learning while they worked out the notes for the melody and left-hand chords - G, C and F.

West Calder High School

West Calder, Scotland

Paisley Grammar School

Paisley, Scotland

Experimenting With Sound

Children from Peter Hills Primary School used Virtual Piano to experiment with sounds as part of their Key Stage 1 objectives. Using laptops and a large touch-screen, the children composed music in pairs.


This can be replicated in an online learning environment where children have access to a computer or tablet/iPad. Students can be given the task of experimenting with musical sounds and the 14 different virtual instruments available to choose from on Virtual Piano. Students can compose a piece of music and record this to a sound file. The MP3 file can be downloaded and sent to the teacher for review.

Peter Hills Primary School

London, UK

JESS British International School

Dubai, UAE

Playing Musical Instruments With Accuracy


JESS International School Music department used Virtual Piano with students via Microsoft Teams. Students played 'See You Again' by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth - mapping the music notation and playing the notes on Virtual Piano. Starting with E minor, G and C.

World's Largest Ever Piano Lesson

In December 2020, Virtual Piano in collaboration with Universal Music helped facilitate a momentous occasion - a world record! Students tuned in to a live YouTube stream hosted by piano legend Jamie Cullum. Students, pianists and aspiring musicians from all over the world joined in with a group rendition of "In The Bleak Midwinter" led by Jamie. Just over 15,000 children were taking part in remote learning sessions using Virtual Piano. The event was officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest online piano lesson! If you missed it, catch up via the video below.

What is an example task to give to students learning to play the piano?

  1. Go to the Virtual Piano home screen
  2. From the piano's ‘Key Assist’ menu, turn ON ‘Keyboard Keys’, ‘Highlight Keys’ and 'Highlight Keyboard'.
  3. You will see keyboard letters displayed on top of the piano keys.
  4. Search for and select a super easy song like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ from the piano search box underneath ‘Select Song’ and press ‘Start Now.’
  5. Press the keys highlighted in orange on your computer keyboard, starting with the letter ‘t’.
  6. Continue playing and you will start to hear the melody of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. Well done, you’re playing the piano! You'll receive a score at the end too.
  7. Play this super easy song 3 times and write down your scores for each attempt. Did you improve on your 3rd attempt? You're ready to go on an amazing musical adventure!

What Virtual Instruments can students play on Virtual Piano?

Students can select from 14 different instruments on Virtual Piano including 3 different types of the piano. The Virtual Piano instruments include Virtual Classical Piano, Virtual Grand Classical Piano, Virtual Upright Piano, Virtual Organ, Virtual Classical Guitar, Virtual Harp, Virtual Glockenspiel, Virtual Violin, Virtual Pan Flute, Virtual Accordion, Virtual Sitar, Virtual Oud, Virtual Mixed Percussion and Virtual Steelpan. Once students select an instrument, they can then load a song in the piano and play the song using their selected instrument. People resonate with different types of sounds and this is a great way to discover one's passion for different instruments.

Can students also connect their physical piano to Virtual Piano?

Yes, students can easily connect their piano keyboard to Virtual Piano on their computers. All they need is a USB cable and to open Virtual Piano in the Google Chrome browser. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect your piano to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. If the Virtual Piano platform is already open in your Chrome browser, open the Sound menu on the piano and select your MIDI.
  3. Once connected, turn ON Key Assist and load a song you'd like to play. That's it. Follow the keys highlighted in orange to play and enjoy thousands of free music sheets on Virtual Piano.

If you encounter any problems with connection, you may need to refer to the instruction manual for your specific piano on how to connect to a computer.

Those are just a few examples of how you can use Virtual Piano in schools

Virtual Piano is a form of expression and communication between different cultures and regions of the world – crossing language, space and time. It is the perfect tool for remote learning and e-learning environments. Educators can set tasks related to composition, listening, exploration, creativity, and performance. Students can explore how music is created, play around with tempo, sustain and the sounds of 14 different virtual instruments. The free version of Virtual Piano comes with moderated advertising. Parents and educational institutions that prefer the ad-free version, can choose Virtual Piano Plus. This premium subscription has proven to be an outstanding tool for home schooling and costs just $48 per year.

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