The Virtual Piano Tournament 2020

The Virtual Piano Tournament 2020

Performer or Ninja?

The Virtual Piano Tournament is back for 2020 - it's bigger, better and even more fun!

The Virtual Piano Tournament 2020 is back with a ton of fantastic prizes. All you need to decide is which category you're going to enter! Are you a born Performer who loves an audience? Or are you a technical Ninja who is all about the detail? There are two very different categories and amazing prizes for both the winners and runners-up.

Performer: Do you love to create the perfect performance? If yes, then the Performer category is for you. Record your screen as you play your favourite song on Virtual Piano.

Ninja: Are you all about the detail? Work on a music sheet that you like or that you've created, until it plays perfectly on Virtual Piano's "Music Sheet Producer" Auto-Play feature.

What will you create? Choose your category, perfect, practice and submit for your chance to win up to $300 in Amazon vouchers.

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